I Will Always Remember

I will always remeber that night when everything went wrong.


8. The dance

I laughed and started dancing with Louis, He was a good dancer actually he spun me around as I dug my head in his neck "Hey you okay?" He whispered in my ear making a shiver go down my spine "Yeah just is a nice moment" I whispered back giggling as he pulled me away and held me by the shoulders and smiled I never really noticed it before but he had a gorgeous smile, Then he leaned in making our noses touch then his lips planted on mine. I heard gasps and someone storm off, I pulled away to see Louis looking at me smiling and all I could do was smile. I turned around to the stage and Zayn and Harry were gone. I let go of Louis "Lou, We'll talk later" I ran outside to see Zayn sat on the side crying and Harry rubbing circles on his back. "Just go El I know you like him just go we're over" I shuffled foward nodding my head and ran around the corner and ran to my house with tears streaming down my face. When I finally got there I unlocked the door and ran upstairs, I kicked my bedroom door with my foot when I saw my dad polishing a gun "Hey El good to see you again, Lie down" He said patting the bed and poimting the gun at me. I shuffled across the room and sat on the bed still crying as he unzipped my dress...

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