I Will Always Remember

I will always remeber that night when everything went wrong.


3. Prom

I walked into the prom, Linking arms with Zayn "Ooh food!" Said Niall running over to the buffet. I walk over to the door "Im just going out for some air" She nooded and ran over to the dancefloor doing some kind of shaking dance with Harry? I walked outside as Zayn ran up to me "Hey where you going?" I looked at the ground "I-Im just scared" He pulled me into him for a hug "Babe he won't be here don't worry come on let's just get some fresh air". We walked outside to my dad standing there he grabbed us and threw us in a van,We heard shouting coming from outside.. Liam. The door flew open and Liam came in "Oh my god who is that?" I put my finger to my lips as a hissing sound became louder and my sight became foggier...

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