I Will Always Remember

I will always remeber that night when everything went wrong.


6. Prom yet again

We arrived at the prom yet again to be greeted by Harry&Niall looking worried "Oh my god where were you Boo-Bear?" He said hugging Louis "Im sorry Harold I missed you so much" We all bursted out laughing "We all got to stay together now"I said reminding myself of dad. Zayn looked at me and put his arm around me,I lay my head on his shoulder.


We all walked into prom after a few awkward moments "Wow you were out for long"Georgie said walking up to me, Oh god I forgot about her "Uh yeah just went for a walk" She smiled and dragged me up to the dance floor leaving the boys standing there until she ran back(still dragging me) and got Harry and Zayn to come and dance. Zayn held my waist as my hands were on his neck.The perfect moment until I heard the speakers above "Now it's time to announce the Prom Queen&King"...

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