I Will Always Remember

I will always remeber that night when everything went wrong.


5. Louis

We ended up at Harry's place "Wow your a quick runner with heels on!" Said Liam with his arm drapped over my shoulder, His other arm on Zayn's shoulder. We dropped him on the sofa and sat next to him "Babe your amazing" Zayn said giving me a kiss "Eww get a room!" Said Louis walking through the door in his onesie "Louis uhh.. you do know prom is tonight?" Said Liam laughing at Louis because he had his onesie on "Uh yeah but I couldn't be bothered to get a date so I watched movies, with carrots" He said with a goofy smile "Hey I could set you up with my friend if you want?" He looked up with me "Really?Oh no but what about my Harold?" Me,Zayn and Liam laughed "Come on Louis.. Her names Georgie here have   a look" I said throwing my phone over to him "Uhh. BUT WHA-" I knew what he was going to say so I cut him off "Har will be fine love now come on we gotta get to the prom!" 


After Louis changed out of his onesie into a tuxedo he ran into the kitchen grabbed a bag of carrots and his car keys and ran out to his car saying "To the batmobile!"

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