I Will Always Remember

I will always remeber that night when everything went wrong.


9. BooBear

I stumbled down the stairs sniffling into my tissue and wiping away my tears,

"El here now" I thought for a second and ran out the door collecting my keys on the way out,

"ELEANOR!" I ran to my car and locked the doors when there was a bang on the window,

"EL COME OUT HERE NOW!" I put the cars in fumbling about with the keychains and drove off, 

"BITCH I WILL GET YOU!" I wiped my foggy eyes and drove to the prom again to see Harry and Zayn still sat there and as they saw me they ran over to me,

"El what happened!"

I crashed into Zayn's chest with him wrapping his arms around me

"I don't want to see him ever again! Can I stay with you guys?"

I looked at Harry as he nodded his head slightly then cocking his eyebrow up,

"Who? and of course you can"

I sniffled and pulled away from Zayn to give Harry a warm embrace.

"Thankyou Harry I owe you one" 

He smiled and I winked at him as everyone lese came scrambling outside.

"Hey got Zayn's text what's up?"

"Oh my gosh babe are you okay?"

"El what happened?"

"Eleanor would you like to talk about it?"

Niall,Georgie,Louis and Liam all surrounded me barely giving me space to breath and Harry caught what was happening and signaled everyone to get away,

"Come on guys give the girl some space, Zayn will explain all. I'll drive her back to ours"

Louis ran up to us now that we had pulled away from our very long hug and said,

"I'll come aswell you can tell me I'm your boo-bear" He smiled and winked at me before leading us to the car.

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