Love is coming

She is in high school for two more years and a new boy comes to school that has a crush on her but he has a girlfriend from the old school


2. tara and mean girl and chad and emily

 really the first time l sare you l thert you were populer  did you have a girlfriend  at your old school ya l did who a girl named emily really my friends named emily how old is she . she is 14 why ok  when can l see her at recces  ok so l have bin whating for this what is yore name ohhhhhhhhhhh sorry how rood am l  my name is chad ok l use to have a boy name chad at my old school ok bell went we have to go back to class before the teacher has a hissifit at us because we dident come to her before going to recces  ok lets go come on hey is that the new boy ya go away now before l get mad  ohhh no hear it comes agean what ohh it is ok l gust said lets go and see emily ok  hay look is that the mean girls herting someone ya and that is emily hay she looks like the girl l went out with someone ohh really ok do you wont to come over my house for a play because emily is coming really why because her dad and mum work till 4:00 ok l will ask mum  and dad because they willwant to now yer number but that is ok because dad is picking us up so yore mum and dad can see my dad if that is ok with them but mum would like to now what time to pick me up enery time is fine if you want l would like to ask you if l am aloud to go over my friends place for a play ok l would like to see there mum and dad ok but her mum died a year ago so yare  dont talk about it ok he will crie for a hour  enery way mum can l ya ok thank what time do l pick you up 4.30 ok that is ok by the why l think l am falling in love with tara really ya how old is she 14 the same age as me ok  bye love you wait a minite is that the mean girls ya mum and dad do they call you dork still ya mum but geass what  l have a friend named tara that gets called dork her dad is trying to look after her as hard as he can she is lovly has she is a good writer and reader for school is she your love yes of caers she is she is the only one girl that loves me

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