Love is coming

She is in high school for two more years and a new boy comes to school that has a crush on her but he has a girlfriend from the old school


1. Miss Lora and new boy chad and mean girls and emily and dad and mum

Hey miss Lora want to now what the date is no sorry but l want you to show a new boy around ok miss Lora by the way were is the boy sitting in the class ohhhhhhhhhh there is only one more desk so it would be NEAR ME why l am a Girl u rather sit near him than the girls .The girls no why they are mean to me all the time and l rather go and see my new friend emily ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the bell went l have to take the new boy around the place  to now were stuff is  by the why l am  14 l have a dad that stays with me and mum pastaway a year ago so  ya dad has me and he is looking for a new house to live in l am upset because l have to move but dad said l could stay at my old school because l got a new friend at school every day she comes over because her mum and dad  work to 4 :00 l had to have fun at dad because he is always sad that mum past away tara wake up said miss lora you hadde a dream so wake up and show the new kid around for some reson my hart was going made l think l am forling in love now really l have never fell in love befor so first time l have never gone out with some one ohhhhhhhhhhh no the mean girls are coming  hi dork said the mean girls l hate them what you said you hate them  ya who wouldent l yous to have those girls at my old school they were mean l yous to be called dork

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