The Imperfect Girl

Carly is a girl who lives on the streets with her daughter, sister and brother. Her house burned down and that was her only option. Will things get better? Read to find out. xx


1. My Life

It was going to be another cold night on the busy streets of London. Huddled at the back of an alley way with my brother, sister and daughter. Hiding from the people who pass by day and night. It was hard, living in the streets, alone, cold and having there be 4 of us. I try to make the best of it, but on some days the struggles get the best of me.

My names Carly. I am 15 years old, soon to be turning 16. My life was great before. I had a wonderful boyfriend and great friends. Life was hard back then, but now it was even harder. Everyday is a new challenge ready to hit me in the face when I can't feed my family. Seeing the hunger burn within their eyes, their stomachs growling like thunder on a stormy night.

Everything is so messed up. My house burned down killing my dad and burning many of my families precious memories down to the ground. However my mum was nowhere to be seen. I wasn't sure things could get any worse but they did. They got worse and worse. I had no money to fix the house or buy food. My dad had died and he was my best friend. My boyfriend had started ignoring me as soon as a baby came into our picture, or what was now my picture. My friend got a job and moved on, forgetting about the mess I was in and leaving me to fall into the dark. 

The only people who stuck with me were Elliot, my brother, Natalie, my sister and Poppy, my daughter . Then again Poppy didn't have a choice, seeing she was only a fragile year old. I have just about managed to cope - my little 'family' ate leftovers or whatever I could scrounge from other peoples garbages. The clothes on our backs were from other people. Hopefully one day things will turn around. Sometimes, though, I could only live in doubt. Will things ever get better?
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