One Girl, One Boy, One Secret he kept, Thousands of Lives dead... all because of Mortals...

January Lithum has always admired Layton Christain, a boy she has known since Grad School. But her friend November doesn't think he is trusty. The fact is, he's holding a secret... that only January knows. The bad side is that she doesn't remember anything about this secret. Will it go down well when January and Layton become one person.


1. Prolouge-What happened to the Elves and how two came to Earth.

'GET ALL CHILD ELVES TO THE CABIN'S!' a Commander yelled over the intercom, as the sounds of sirens burst over head. Thousands of Elves ran back and forth trying to save children under eighteen. Their screaming and shouting was in their own language, which is kind of like Japanese, but with a lighter accent to it. A warrior and his seven year old son ran through the crowds, trying to get to the palace. Once there, they burst through the doors and ran to the throne room.

'Your Majesty. Get the heir to the cabin's!' Shouted the warrior.

'Jeption, please. Let Layton take her.' Said Queen Anmthyst smiling down to him. Layton wondered how she could smile at a time like this, before he saw her tears. Layton took the four year old by her hand and led her away. He closed the throne room door, lifted the four year old princess onto his back, and ran explaining what was happening. The princess mumbled,

'I knew.'


'Did the Elder Elves pick her husband?' Jeption asked Anmthyst on their way down to the safe room. She nodded, before turning.

'I explained to my daughter about what happened and she said she had visions of this day. Bad visions. Before her future husband was to know, Mortal humans from the parrell Earth will attack, and she and him will go to the same planet and same place. But she will forget everything.' Jeption looked at Anmthyst, thinking whether to ask or not about this future husband.

'I know you're wondering who is the future husband. It be one of your sons. The youngest.' Jeption's eyes widened with happiness as they entered the room, filled with every Elf adult that wasn't fighting. Anmthyst wondered if her daughter would make it.


'Princess coming through!' Layton yelled, through the crowds. He tapped people indicating that they should move for a royal. He jumped into one of the cabin's Flying Pods and typed in co-ordinates of the planet. The words "Mortal Earth" came onto the screen before he yelled at the stupid thing. They took off into the starry night, squeezing their eyes shut and hoping they make it through the journey. Some while later, Layton relaxed and opened his eyes. The princess was kneeling at the window, watching the stars pass.

'You okay?' She mumbled a yes. He hugged her close, before she told him about her not remembering this palnet or this world.

'Promise you'll tell me when we meet up in Earth?' She asked.

'Yes... I promise.' Layton felt her hands wrap round his waist.

'Anything for you... January.'

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