One Girl, One Boy, One Secret he kept, Thousands of Lives dead... all because of Mortals...

January Lithum has always admired Layton Christain, a boy she has known since Grad School. But her friend November doesn't think he is trusty. The fact is, he's holding a secret... that only January knows. The bad side is that she doesn't remember anything about this secret. Will it go down well when January and Layton become one person.


2. 1. January to November

'Hey January Lithum!' A voice called behind January. She turned and saw her friend, November Haptom, running towards her. She smiled she lilac eyes sparkling. November caught up to her, panting and wiping tears away from her boring blue eyes. They smiled and greeted each other with hugs. January took November's arm and dragged her along the road, towards the school grounds.

'So, how was your weekend Holiday?' November asked, wiping her glasses with her sleeve.

'Okay, I met up with Layton during the week...'

'YOU WENT ON THAT DATE?' November squealed, almost shouting.

'Shhh, but yes, I did. It was great. We went to the theme park and had some fun. He gave me his number, but I never called him.' January sighed. November, didn't seem to care, as she went on to this story about how her family got mixed up by the police about some robbery.

'I mean, we where tooken in and everything. Once my younger sister burst out crying, they knew we were innocent. Total retards, I mean...' January looked away and pretended she was still listening. Then her eyes caught onto Layton. November shook her arm.

'Jan, are you listening?'


'I knew it! Couldn't keep eyes off of lover boy eh? I don't know, it seems he's not telling you something. Plus, you both look the same. Slightly pointed ears, diffrenet eye colour, like unusual, and you both have the same accents. Sort of, soft and kinda Japanese-y...' January glared at her.

'Vember, we are not Japanese! I've known him Grad School. Wouldn't he have told me about the secret before now?' She asked.

'Mabye. Look, don't get mixed up with him okay. He hangs with the wrong bunch.' November said, warningly. The bell rang and Novemeber and January walked in school. Once the corridors split, January went down the right, November the left, calling goodbye over their shoulders. January walked to her registration class, feeling chirpy. She walked in and sat at her normal place, waiting for Layton. He walked in and smiled at her.

'How are you?' She asked, as he sat down next to her.

'Fine, you?'

'Okay.' They sat silently for a few seconds before Layton asked,

'Why didn't you phone me during the Holiday?' January, thought.

'I don't know. Something November said.'

'And that was...?' She shook her head, telling him to forget it. January couldn't face the fact he was nineteen. Being seventeen and having a friend two years older than you sucks. Bugger, she thought as another girl walked in and sat at their table. Her name was Carmen Granger and she dates Layton. He tries to dump her though.

'Oh, hows my Layten?' She asked, her voice squeaky and shrilled. January wanted to cover her ears, but she has to be nice to her friend's, GF.

'Fine Carmen. Sorry 'bout Friday, I was busy. My phone's bust. Can't call, can't text.' He said, giving January a sly wink. She nodded and turned to Carmen.

'I'm sorry to, I was babysitting.' That's when Carmen glanced at January. She doesn't like her. Carman Thinks she's trying to steal Layton away. So true. Carmen nattered to Layton about the party at Shona's, leaving January biting the dust that floated around Mr. Faylex as he walked around talking about this week's big, big, big presentation. Once the bell rang, Carmen dragged Layton away, so they could spend a few hours alone. Probably kissing or something nasty, January thought shivering at the thought of "something nasty". Novemeber ran to January and asked why she was shivering.

'I'm sick, that's why.' November started to ask what the syptoms were, before realising what she meant.

'Sick girl. You sick, sick, sick girl.' She said wacking at her arms. They laughed at January's thought, making others stare at the pair. Once in class, they sat nearest the window so they could get a view of Carmen and Layton's get away, before the teacher came in. Half an hour past, and Carmen and Layton were being shooed by some new Teacher, who thought it was a disgrace to see young couples missing class for such things. November and January laughed. Nothing was funnier than watching weird couples. Thats when Ms. Jensons walked in, in one of her tight suits.


Later that day, there was a huge crowd gathering round two people shouting. January and November stopped and looked at each other. They nodded and wandered to the only space that you could get to the front.

'YOU SLEPT WITH DAMAIN!' January gaped, at Layton screamed at Carmen was clasped to Damian's chest. 




'...Never mind...............I hope your happy with that prick!' Layton mumbled, walking off. January waited for everyone to walk away, so she could run to him. He was standing behind the bike sheds kicking the metel wall. January walked over and mumbled about the whole thing, which turned into a massive conversation. Before Jauary knew it, they were sitting on the ground hugging each other tightly. Layton's warm body pressed against hers felt warming and reminded her of her dream*. Layton turned to her.

'January... you know how November said about me keeing a secret from you.'

'Mmm, hmm.' He paused.

'Never mind... it's too early. Let's go.' He said standing up and holding a hand out to her. She took it, and then tripped. She landed with a thud, on top of Layton, the two of them laughing. Layton brushed her pink hair, before leaning to her and kissing her. January wantd to push him away and ask him what he was doing, but she didn't object and kissed him back, holding that moment for ages. He pulled away, pushing her gently for her to get up. She moved off him and stood up waiting for Layton to grab her arms and ask her out. But he never. He stood up and told her to run. A little bit sad, she ran up to him and leaned on his arm, wishing that he'll ask her out soon. Not now... but soon...



*More on Dream halfway through Chapter 4..... sorry 'bout the wait.

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