What do we have here? (Harry Potter)

Moment from anytime in Harry potter. Not in any particular order.


2. Scrambled

Harry groaned, he ached all over. His head was thumping to the beat to a long forgotten song and his limps seemed to pulsate with venom pain which was coursing around his body. For the life of him, Harry couldn't remember how he had gotten into this mess, and quite frankly, he wasn't sure he wanted to. Harry groaned again as another agonising wave of pain washed over him, plunging himself into it's depths as Harry lost all sense of reality.

When Harry was next aware, he could still feel the pulsating pain, but it had lessened significantly, leaving him to be more aware of the conscious would. He could feel that his hands were being held and he thought he could hear some soft, distant  talking. Harry groaned as he was plunged into the hot pool of pain, and dragged away from reality yet again.

The next time Harry was aware, he felt tons better. The pulsating pain had lessened to a dull ache and he was far more aware of reality than he had been before. He could still feel the hands, but a slightly harsher voice seemed to be talking, with the occasional noise of affirmation from another source. Harry groaned as a spasm of pain pierced through his stomach, the voices rose in alarm and babbled together. Harry felt the bile rising in his throat and he managed to turn his head before he threw up. He felt himself being turned onto his side as he continued to convulse and empty his stomach contents. Once he had finished he let the darkness descend upon him once more. 

Harry could feel the same hands holding his and he could hear the quiet murmurs of many people around him. He knew he needed to wake up, that they were there for a reason. Hopefully they hadn't given up on him.

With a groan Harry opened his heavy eyes.

Blurry faces swam into view and then back out again as his eyes involuntary closed. He forced them back open as he felt his glasses being placed onto his nose. His eyes met Ginny's and he smiled weakly.

"What happened?" he croaked.

"You were cursed on the edge of a roof, you fell three stories. You've been out of it for two months, sweetie." Ginny replied, a tear slipping down her cheek.

Harry gave another weak smile. "I love you Gin." he whispered, losing energy fast.

As Harry slipped off to sleep again he heard Ginny whisper, "I love you too, Harry. Forever and always."

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