Me and myself against the world

Every little girl I've ever know only has one wish. To grow up. Well my only wish to be is everything they already are. My life was so good until one hot summer day when i was 18 someone turned those days full play date and sports up side down.


1. Intro

Most people would love to do the things I do everyday. They would love to meet the people I meet. Don't get me wrong i love my life I do, but there's always that moment in everyOnes life when they wish that their life is exactly what it's not. Hi my name is Alex, I'm 18 years I live in California. Pretty normal. Or not. Most teenage girls know Cody Simpson 15 year old gold coast hottie singer and his 14 year old sister Alli. I'm Alli's assistant\best friend. I'm there at every show and party. However I'm just a "fan" but not really. A "fan" who goes everywhere with them. They are not alloud to speak about me to anyone other then the crew, the family, and their bffs. I wasent even aloud to tell my family. My family back home in Kansas city Missouri, thinks I hate them. But I know they will understand when I finally do get to see them. They will understand that when you want something enough you will do anything to get it. I know it. They have to. I was just 15 when I moved here on my own and 16 when I started working for them. Cody was 13, Alli's was 12, and Tom was 4. I was told that I was hired to play the big sister role to the kids. To make sure the kids didn't get to caught up in the fast lane. I was so much more I was their everything and they were mine. They new they could tell me anything and they did, when they were hurt they came to me. As did I to them.
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