Me and myself against the world

Every little girl I've ever know only has one wish. To grow up. Well my only wish to be is everything they already are. My life was so good until one hot summer day when i was 18 someone turned those days full play date and sports up side down.


2. Her name is Sam

"hey" I said knocking on Cody's bedroom door in the trailer. He was laying on his bed with his Phone in his hand starring at the celing.
"hey" he replyed thoughtlessly
"alright tell me what's going on" i asked over these years I had learned all to well how to rad him.
"I think I'm in love" he said
"with who?" I asked
"her name was Sam" he staring at his phone. I grabbed it out of his hand and looked at it. There was a picture of him and this girl one who had got a meet and greet with him.
"come on" I said pulling him off the bed.
"where are we going?" he asked
"to find your love" I said
We had just finished a show in Detroit Michigan a city that kind of scared me and I didn't really know that well. I had an idea the arena had a list and pictures of all the girls who had met Cody. We went in the back door of the fox. We went down a long hall to where the theater security office was.
"are you lost honey?" asked one of the officers
"no I'm just in uniform" I said "my name is Alex Torrez undercover agent for the FBI currently working for the Simpsons" I said showing them my badge.
"well agent Torrez what can we do for you?" he asked
"i need a list of names and pictures of all the girls who had met Cody today." I said
She handed me a stack of papers I handed them to cody. He began searching and searched for about 5 minutes.
"I found her" he said "Samantha Hendricks"
"permission to use computer?" I asked the officer
"permission granted down the hall 1st door on the left'" he said
Cody followed me to the room with thE computer. I typed Samantha Hendrickson into the search engine. It came up as 15 year old Samantha Hendricks it didn't give me an address but it gave me a high school and the high schools address.
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