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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


19. weding day...

Julia's POV

I never thought I would be walking down the isle with a big fat smile with tears on  my face. he was the best and I loved him, not for one direction for his sweet laugh,smile and personality. He was the best thing in the world, and that would never change. After the reception I  get on the ddance floor and Niall plays a special song and I relize this was the first song the boys sang to me oh and by the way they were all there. I smile and dance it was beautiful and sweet. I dance and relize that time has flyed by and everyone was leaving. It was the perfect wedding.

I was so happy that I am with the man of my life and now going on a honnymoon in 4 weeks to the bahamas well kelly's wedding is next hopefully it will be apropriate.


* sorry for the crappy chapter lol *

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