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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


17. two years later..

Niall's POV

We are back at miami in the same blace with the beautiful view, it was sunset and I was thinking this is the time. I brought Julia out and said " lets go on the sand and have a picnic." she nods and I bring her, after the diner we walked near the shore and looked at her beutiful light blue dress. " Julia,I love you with all my heart and this may seem early but I love you and I can never think of my life with out yuo completeing it so julia..."

Julia's POV

I had a wonderfull diner and then we walked by the shore line. He talks about love and then gets down on one knee and holds out a liyyle black drop and opens it and says " will you Marry me?" i stand there shocked and look at the dimond ring with gold on the outside. I scream and say "YES!!" he puts it on my finger and kisses me longer and it was amazing. we walk in the room and see heads turn and a ring on my finger. I hold it up and elenore, Danny( yes she is back), and Kelly all standing around me oooing and ahhhing. Niall hugs the guys and says " we will get married when we are 25 ok so we are 21 so we have 4 years it is better that way." everyone claps and I say oh I should look into places and say "Niall can we please move it to 23 and then have a kid at 26". he nods and we say "2 years." everyone laughs and we all went to sleep.


Kelly's POV

I wake up to harry holding me and I am in a pink dress standing knee langth in the ocean. I look at him and he pulls out a small box and gets down on one knee in a suite and says " I love yuo and want you to live with me forever, will you marry me?" here i am standing in the ocean looking at harry in the water and jump and say "HELL YEA" he laughs and Kisses me and it was amazing we walk up to the balcony and he says " Louis, Louis let the rope down". I laugh and say " what a gent". I climb the rope and extand my hand out for everyone to admire, a beutiful ring engraved in my name and a beautiful dimond in the midle and it was a big dimond! me and julia are getting married and I am just so overwhelemd and happy.

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