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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


13. set backs

  Julia's POV

I sit on the tour bus with Niall's arms around me and we are watching  Toy story because Liam wanted to watch it. I see elenore and not danny, I see that liam is upset so I pull him aside and ask him whats wrong. " Danny said she didn't want to come!" he looks at me with sad in his eyes, I hug him and say " she was offered a huge job back at home she would like to come trust me it is just she need's this" I break away from the hug and see that Niall is comming over and hugging Liam and then it becomes a group hug. " why don't we play truth or dare?" Louis shouts while in a concerining voice. everyone agrees and we sit down and we grab a bottle, I spin first and land it lands on Niall " Ok truth or dare" I ask with a smirk on my face he smiles and says " dare me!" I giggle and think " oh I have it, I dare you to... read One page of the most romantic book ever... 50 shades of gray ." he sits there and groans and the boys are laughing. it wasn't the best dare but it was worse for him but it was ok. he reads it and puts it down and says " it was ok". he spins the bottle and it lands on louis. he smiles and says "ok I dare you to do a twitcam and say " me and harry are in love". He gets his camera and says it. 80 people were watching it but it was still funny. now it was louis turn to spin it and it lands on harry. " dare" he says without a thought. louis looks at him and says " this mean but it is all I got, go into a room with julia and let fate decide." he drops his jaw and so do I but he grabs me and shoves me in the room. " I can't believe he would do that". he says with anger on his face.

Harry's POV

I have a girlfriend!! but julia does look pretty tonight the way her hair falls and.. No harry!! stop you like kelly, you love her... I do. I get closer to Julia and say " what do we do we are in here for 3 minutes." she shrugs and I lean in. she moves away and says " Harry stop! I love Niall" she starts to stare at me and I try again. " stop it, you have a girlfriend!" she pushes me away and she sits on the bed. I did this really again crap. I move closer she gets up and hides in the closet. " Julia I am sorry please let me in!" I say with desprate on my face. she opens the door a crack so I can see her brown eye and says " Harry you have a minuute left leave me alone". she slams the door and I sit there thinking wow did I do that. I have a girlfriend that I loved. I thought it would make things not be awkward in here. times up and I walk out the door and think about Julia.

Julia's POV

I sit there in the closet thinking Harry just tried to KISS ME!!!! I put my head in my knees and hear a knock on the door. "it's Niall" he says. oh great I think he won't like me anymore! he opens the closet door and hugs me and I say with tears in my eyes. " Niall he tried to-to kis me!" he sits back and says " well did you kiss him?" his eyes start tear up and I say " No I promise I pushed off of me and I walked away but he wouldn't stop!, I then locked my self in the closet, I just don't want you to hate me".  he comes closer and says with our face inches apart " as long as you didn't kiss him,and I love you but also I am so proud of you". he leans in and kisses me for about 2 minutes smileing on my lips. He looks at me and breaks away and says " don't worry just try to stay away from him for a few days ok". I nod and we hold hands and walk back. Harry is sitting there dozed off into space and niall is giving him looks and my eyes are puffy. Kelly stares at me and says " OMG what happened!" she runs over and hugs me. " I don't want to tell you" . she looks at me and says " I am your best friend you have to tell me." I grab her arm and pull her into the bathroom.

Louis POV

I walk over to the door and the boys follow accept harry. something was up but i wanted to hear it for myself.  we place our ears on the door and listen.

Kelly's POV

I listen to Julia and she says " Ok, I am just going to say it, Harry tried to kiss me but I didn't let him."  I sit down trying to process this all. "really?"  Is all i can say. she looks at me with tears in her eyes and says " he didn't want to make it awkward".  I start to get mad and I just want to punch someone " thanks for telling me Julia, I probbably would have been one of those girls who he just Likes". I hug her and slam the door open  seeing four heads turn to harry. I walk over and slap him in the face and say " really, after you said you love me!?" I rip off the bracelt and chuck it at him. I walk over to liam,zayn,louis and julia, and Niall and tug them into the bathroom. I sit on the ege of the bathtub next to liam and zayn while louis is going out to talk to harry. Niall looks like he was about to exploade. I cry and cry and finnaly I say " why should I waste my breath on him, or tears I should save them for other things then him". Liam rubs my back while zayn goes with louis.

Louis POV

AGAIN!? he broke this poor girls heart again! I look at harry and his eyes are puffy from crying. " Why did you do it, you can't ever let Niall be happy? and you always break a girls heart" I say with a angered face on and kelly is the sweetest girl and she deserves better. Harry just looks up and says " Julia looked so pretty and I just don't  know but I love kelly and I am so confused". I still don't make him feel beter and say " Kelly is staying because of Julia and now the girls won't talk to you not even Elenore.  he looks up again and just puts his face in his hands and says " I love her and I need to talk to her". " no can do i am pretty sure her mind is made up". zayn says

Hary's POV

I am a horrible freind/ boyfriend, tried to kiss my friends girlfriend, and made my girlfriend dump me. what is wrong with me. I need rest I get up and go to the bunks and lay down while Kelly and julia come out. Myface lights up as I think she is comming over to me but she just leaves. I put my head in my pillow and think  I am so horrible. I get up and even though I shouldn't I do. I walk over to kelly and say " I am so sorry please forgive me! " she looks at me with a face like are you kidding me? I just walk away and start to sing and then I think wait to sing! i grab my suite and rush over to her while she is in her pj's and I sing " can we fall, one more time stop the tape and rewind... oh but if you walk away i'll know I'll fade cause there is no-oo-body else it's gotta be you. she smiles a little but still shakes her head and says " that was sweet but still , I thought you loved me and obviously I thought wrong." she gets up and I grab her and say " here is a rose with my number on it." she laughs and says " you won't quit". " you don't quit when it comes to love". I replie and then the bus stops and says we are here and I walk off the bus and she still doesn't forgive me. I will never stop.


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