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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


3. scary movie/ truth or dare.

Julia's POV

I sit next to niall while we are watching prom night. "I think I am going to be sick" I say to all of them. they all stare at me and are like "no you wont". I look at them and say " I almost threw up at the women in black". I get up and rush to the bathroom and lock the door. I sit on the floor and here a knock. "who is it?" I smile while holding the tears back thinking about not pukeing. " I am blond and have an Irish acent". I laugh and unlock the door, he sits down on the floor with me and says " do you want to play truth or dare?" "sure i say, with everyone else right." he nods and he gives me a big hug. His hugs are the best hugs by far. He helps me up and we walk out the door to the rest of the gang.  they have the bottle out and louis is daring kelly " I dare you to, put ketchup on your hands." she gets up and puts on her hands washes it off and comes back.  kelly spins and it lands on Harry "I dare you to let louis smack you in the face 5 times". he laughs and says "he already does that".

louis runs over and smacks him like 20 times laughing like crazy.  I laugh because everyone else is laughing. Now it is harry's turn, and lands on me i sit and look around like an idiot and say " dare"!  harry smiles at me and says "ok i dare you to prank call... SIMON Cowell!" I look at his green eyes and say " fine, ok do star six seven" Harry gives me his phone and i put my hands in my big sweatshirt and say in an country accent. " Hello is this here simon of the cowell?" everyone is laughing as i nod my head listening to simon. " well you know how you  ordered 900 bottels of pickel juice, they arrived all the way from kansas".  simon starts yelling at me and everyone is cracking up. finnally simon hangs up and louis says " what a card you are".  I smile and say " why thank you".  "shit julia what time is it?" kelly said. " only eight..." i look at my phone and say "shit we are going to miss it!" the boys are looking at us and are like what the hell. I get up turn on the T.V. and see it just started " got a secrete can you keep it blah blah." me and kelly scream. "PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!" the boys groan and watch it with us. I scream at a scary part and hug Niall on accedent. he smiles and pats my head. then when the show is over the boys are saying " thank you loard!" i smile and turn to kelly and say "DANCE MOMS TIME!!!!!" they all stop and look at us and say " are you freaking kidding me!?" I put a frown on my face and say " No". so me and kelly are talking about the show while the boys are giving eachother zaps and then when the show is over I grab the laptop I brought and yell " Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn come here now! help!"  they all rush in like I got murdered and say  "are you okay". I laugh and say "yea fine, I just want to show you something." I type into and search glozell. They all look at me when I click on the one direction one. the video plays and they can not stop laughing, then i show them the one about liam and miley. they laugh harder. I close the laptop and they all say "awww". and I stare at them and say while yawning "I am tired I am going to bed."  " yea me too guys" Niall said while walking up with me. I walk to my room and soon fall asleep.

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