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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


14. not giving up

Harry's POV

I will never give up on kelly and i know zayn is crushing on her. i see it in his eyes, so I need to make her fall in love with me again but how?

Niall's POV

Time for the show I see so many fans walk out and watch us leave, "I love you Niall"! one of them said and other girls said Harry! Louis! and blah blah. I take pictures but then leave because it is almost time for the show. I walk hand in hand with Julia and see fans get crushed. It hurts me but this is who I like , they have to accept that. I love her I really do, I am turning ninteen soon and I just love her mabey we could get married! I think a little bit later on in life mabey at like 24 and that will work. It is time for the show and I give Julia a big kiss and say " I love you". she mouths I love you too while i walk out the door, then i see Harry saying to Kelly " I love you please take me back!" she looks down at the floor and I thought I could help he rout and say " Harry we have to go". he leans into kelly but pulls away because they are not dating, she frezes in her spot and Julia goes over to her as Kelly puts her face in her hands.

Julia's POV"

"do you liek him"? I ask while hugging her. " Yes alot, but I don't want to get hurt". she looks at me with saden in her eyes. I start to say " Listen you can like him but just tell him to go slow and build back your trust." she smiles and nods and then the door opens to the dressing room and Niall comes in and says " Julia you need to sing with the openeing act the lead singer is sick please!" I nod and say "what song"? " um wings by little mix and kelly can sing too!" we rush to the stage and practice with the girls befor we go one stage. we sgo on stage and sing kelly's solo was first then mine. Everyone screamed when I went, I guess they liked me. after that Niall hugs me and Kisses me and Harry Just stands there awkward with kelly next to him. she gives him a kiss on the cheak and says " I still like you because you are sweet and cute but trust me I am not ready for a big relationship". she smiles and walks away. Harry has a huge grin on his face and looks towards me and mouths Thank you before going on stage.  I get happy when I please people! The concert is halfway over when Niall calls me on stage to announce that we are officialy dating. Harry looks at Kelly and calls her out and says into his mik " You may have a bunch of bumps in a relationship but you should never ever stop loving or ever giving up on that one person you really love. and that is Kelly".  everyone says aww and then they sing what makes you beautiful. I start to laugh when Niaill holds my hand and spins me as they sing.

Kelly's POV

It is time for Harry's solo and he says while walking up to me just like he did in the airport. " Baby you light up my world like nobody elese the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed but when you smile at the ground it anit hard to tell.. you don't know oh-oh you don't now your beautiful." I can't help but smile and say he is the one if he never liked me he would of let me go. I need him more then ever i jump behind him and they finish the song Niall picks Julia up bridal style and so does harry to me and walks off stage. harry places me down and Kisses me and it ws truly love, he did love me. well this is great and fantastic Julia and Niall, Me and Harry, Liam and danni, Louis and elenore, Zayn and Perrie. all hapily in love I think... hopefully. I smile at that the thought of harry loving me.  I love him I truly do.

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