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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


4. Night fright!

Julia's POV

I hear crashing down stairs and think they are all asleep. I walk over to kelly and shake her to get up. she gets up and walks down the stairs with me we look into the kitchen and we see to guys with ski masks. I cover kelly's mouth and kelly is pointing and i see a guy comming and holding my mouth shut and whispers " your a pretty one i can use you for later." i bite him and scream "HELP, HELP!!!!!" my scream was blood curedelling. i think i am going to die.


Harry's POV

I heard a blood curdeling scream and get up and smack the boys the all grab golf clubs and run into the girls room. there not there, we run down stairs and see two big guys holding julia and kelly. they have knives in there hands and stare at us we slowly walk closer and then all of the sudden the blade comes closer to julia she starts to cry and we see Niall starting to tear up. i walk over but the knife just gets closer. "stay back or else brown eyes will be dead". the voice says then all of the sudden I see Julia bite down on his hand. Hard. it was bleeding, the man let her go and julia kicks him in the face he comes at her and stabs her in the arm. she looks at him and says " Karmas a bitch" she kicks him at the side of the head breaks his arm and takes the knife and is about to kill him. " I dont kill i watch you suffer, now lets see who you are." she rips off the mask and  says "ah a druggy I can already tell, you messed with the wrong girls." she kicks him in the balls and collaspses on the floor. I run over to kelly and hit him on the head. she runs into my arms and hugs me but i go back to julia. Niall watches her slowly close her eyes and we yell "call 911 now". to kelly. " she starts to panic so I take over. the sirons come and the abulance puts her on a strecher, Niall walks over to one of the ladies and says " I need to be in here, please." the nurse says "of corse." i get in my audi and we all follow the ambulence.

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