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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


15. Love over rides hate

Julia's POV

I sit on the tour bus and lookat all the hate messeges I got @Julia you are stupid and you need to leave my Niall alone! from ( @Ilove_Niall_more1234)  there was more for me It is just to hard to get it through my mind on how many people hate me. A tear rolls down my eye and Niall stares at me and says " oh my god are you ok?" he rushe over to me and hugs me and says " whats wrong?" I look at the concern on his face and say " yuor fans hate me alot look what they wrote.." I show him and he looks at me and says " that is not right no one deserves that!" he walks over to the mac and says " Julia time for a twitcam". I walk over and he sits down and says " he fans i know yuo are giving a lot of hate to my girlfriend Julia". they all type and say sorry but it still hurts and then Niall says something to them that makes me laugh. " Guys this girl beat two burglers asses!" " she is awsome and she saved my food don't you care about food!" i luagh harder and then he says " Look at her sar the burgler stbbed her. i show them my arm and no one replies until I start to get 5 million followeres on twitter. people are apoligizeing and saying things to make me feel better I stare at Niall and Kiss him forgetting we were on twit came. It was only for about 1 second but he still liked it he says " she is wonderful and sweet, please guys no hate".  i smile and kiss his cheak he logs off and I say " thank you Niall I love you so much!" he smiles and says something that shocked everyone in the room " I LOVE YOU MORE THEN FOOD!" everyone drops there mouth open wide and so do I wow he really loves me alot.

Naill's POV

I want to be with her forever and I love her I just want to marrie her already, I should wait untill 2 years and we only get married at 25. I love her but I am too nervous to pop the question.

Zayn's POV

We are going to america for 2 years to sing and to chill, I am so stoaked we leave england and go on the plan so happy!!!

Julia's POV

Back on a plane to america, I grew an english accent being around brtish people all the time. I am just so happy to be home, I get off the plane and hold Niall's hand. The paps get pics but I don't care Haters gonna Hate. I give them something extra as I kiss niall they all get snaps and are asking questions like " are you going to get married?" Niall answers " I have been thinkin about proposing" I smile and try to act natural but I can't believe we might get married. Oh MY GOD. I see Kelly jumping up and down as harry says the same thing. We get to the hotel and we think wow what a beutiful view of the beach, Niall gets changed into swim trunks and I was there but didn't look and then i got changed in the bathroom. I got a Nieon Pink bathing suite with my sunglasses and no coverup because we were on the beach. we walk out of the hotel and now everyone wanted to come. so we get a place on the beach and fans come over and want autographs and says " Niall she is very pretty". he smiles and hugs me. Finnaly the others come time to have fun!


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