More then this

kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


2. Hotel or home?

Kelly's POV

we are all having a good time until the limo stops at the big ben hotel. I frown a little because I didn't want to leave.  Liam comes up to me and julia and says " if you want you can stay with us, yuo dont need to pay for a room." i look at julia and say " we would love to!" julia stares at me and is giving me the look I can't believe  you just did that. I shrug and walk over to Harry, and julia just walks with the boys. we get back in the limo and drive to the tomlinson's family home. i stare and look and say " louis you have a big house!" he laughs and opens the door to the limo. i get out and feel something brush my hand. I look up into those green eyes and look at Harry. oh my god he is holding my hand! I smile and he quickly lets go i frown and hold his hand to mine. Julia slowly following us behind and i see Niall going over to Julia.

Julia's POV

i look over my shoulder and see Niall there i look at him and he smiles. "so whats up niall?" I say. " I am just glad you guys are staying" he said with a huge grin on his face. we walk up to louis house and walk in. i stare at all the beautiful portraits , wall decorations, and more. louis smiles and says " ladies the guset room is on the second floor to your right. i smile and notice the piano room with all the guitars and i quickly go to the guest room and put my stuff on the bead. I run into the piano room and close the door but not all the way. i start playing what makes you beautiful. Then i start to play more then this and sing "if I'm louder would you see me would you lay down in my arms and rescue me". but then i pause because I see Niall,  Liam, Harry, louis,  Zayn, and kelly all staring at me. I get away from the piano and run up staires and i here people following. I close the door and lock it . I siit against the wall and think that did not happen they didnt here me sing. I start to sing again once it got quite, i sing Gotta be you, and notice I hear noise again. i look down at my white ruffle shirt and jean shorts from abercrombie. "can I come in?" I hear liams voice and unlock the door and grab him and pull him in.  he stares at me and says " why did you run off like that you have a good voice." I smile and say " Thanks"  " why did you run off like that ?" he asks in a calm voice. "I just got nervous because my idols just heard me sing and I was thinking I was bad". he looks at me and says " you are good now lets go down stairs to watch a scary movie."  I open the door and walk out.



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