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kelly and julia are bothe going to london for there spring break. but little did they know they were running into one direction. there will be heartbreaks a good laugh and a fun time. will kelly get her dream guy? will niall find his true love? Does zayn have a thing for one of the girls?


1. the flight

Julia's POV

I wake up to sunshine and beautiful trees swaying in the wind. i look at the time and see that we need to leave for england in less then 20 minutes. i fall back asleep and then look  again. 20 minutes!!!!!!! oh no!!!!!  I get up get dressed and go to Kelly's  room. I smack her in the face and say " wake up we have to leave now!" she looks at me and jumps up and gets dressed. " what about breakfest?" she asked. " later, we need to get on the flight now!" we get in the car and are bassicly speeding crossing our fingers the cops dont come after us. we finnally get to the airport with 10 minutes to spare. " do you want starbucks?" kelly asked. " yea sure!" I walk over and order a vinnila coffe.  " I will have a cup of tea !" Kelly asked in a british voice. I roll my eyes and walk over to her and say " we are not going to meet one direction okay, they are probably in the U.S. anyway." she stares at me with horror on her face and then she yells " you never know it is possible, i bet you would be happy to see Niall...!" I laugh at her and say " it wont happen so get used to the fact!".  " flight 26ab for doncaster england". we heard the speaker say. we run over and board the plane. thank you loard for not putting us on a plane with sick people, i think to my self. and pug my head phones in and listen to one direction. I wake up to kelly smaking me in the face this time she smiles at me and says "karma"! i laugh and say " we are here?" "yup" she replied. we got up and walked into the other air port. I look and see if our limo was here and yes it was there were like thirty and i found one so I say lets get in it.  We open the doors and we sit down and look at the people in front of us. It was one freaking direction. I stare and say " sorry we will leave". Kelly locks eyes with Harry and he smiles back at her. " come on kelly". then I here a very loud voice and obviously it is louis. " you can stay it is just we are going to doncaster to my family home" i smile and say " we are going to doncaster too!"  I see eyes on me and look and see that niall is staring at me and i blush a little. kelly stares at Harry and looks away it was hilarous. i start to crack up and everyone looks at me " what" harry said.  " oh nothing i was just remembering a funny story." I said while laughing. " louis looks at me with a smile and says " oh girl you have got to tell us." he says in an american tennage girl accent. i smile and say "ok, last week my aunt was over and she went on my zipline in the back yard". I get cut off by liam who says " you have a zipline?!' I laugh and say " yes liam I do" . " anyway she goes on the zipline and we say jump, she does that and then you see the zipline go down and she hits the floor and all you here is oof , and she made an indentation in the ground". I start laughing so hard and so does everyone else. niall laughs way too much it was so funny I was laughing because he was laughing and people were laughing because I was laughing. what a car ride.

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