MY not so little vacation

when Rosie relies life for her at home is to stressful she deicide to take a short break from it all but dose a short break turn into a long break ????


1. ahhhh a perfect holiday

I'm burning up I,m getting hotter and hotter by the minute. I'm stuck in a trance people clients shouting in my face filling the room with an echo. I need to get out i try to push my way out but I have no strength im going to faint theirs no way out HELP! HELP! hel... I woke up in hospital the next morning my boss, boyfriend and friends s rounding me. all I could smell was the sicking stench of flowers I reach for my glass but ruby my best friend gets there two times quicker passing it to me in a rush. the doctor comes in and explained how I needed rest away from every thing so I can start a fresh the idea at first was worrying but then it flashed all before me. A holiday somewhere hot just me and the beach somewhere I can forget every thing the doctor left us in peace the silence filled the room you could hear every ones thoughts aloud finely my boss came to the rescue "so a holiday sounds good got any where in plan at the moment" he mumbled I hesitated and shrugged. I couldn't mange any more than that. My boyfriend waited with me till every one left and the awkward silence there again he looked down in a sad school boy look. I watched him as he held my hand he whispered im sorry but i didn't get it I asked him to repeat it sorry for what i thought "sorry I really really have been watieing to tell you this but the right time hasent came but im braking up with you, you are to busy with work and never make time for me im sorry" with that he rushed out I was left alone he didn't return I just layed there and It just clicked hot tropical and 'HAWAII' I wanted to jump out of the bed and go that moment but i physical couldn't. A little vacation just for a short period to think things throw plus I do still have work and family. I felt fireworks  burst inside me the feeling of the cooling waters mmm.... a few days passed and its was my time to leave the hostipal and book my dream vacation right away i got home booked it all with my holiday fund and i was ready to set of in a week it was un belivable really happning i just cant WATIE !!!

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