The dark witch

My first poem is a vivid description of a witch in an 18th century ball xx


1. The dark witch

Glossy and exquisite,

eyes; her signature mark.

body ripples as she strides, 

creature of dark.


Lurid and noxious,

body: nimble and slight.

eyes slide across the room, 

creature of  night.


Ravishing and winsome,

curls: tumble down her back .

dress, tight and teasing, 

creature of the black.


Impulsive and instinctual,

skin: forever in youth's state.

black hair frames her striking face, 

creature of such hate.


lavishing and sublime,

soul: tortured and forlorn.

flushed cheeks in contrast to empty eyes,

creature of the storm.


Fallacious but astute,

mind: deadly and amiss.

thoughts haunted by whom to kill, 

creature of abyss.


Tantalising and winsome,

claws: looking for confrontation.

hands, swathed in vile magic,

the perfect abomination.

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