It's ok to dream...

...until you find the real you. Forever and always.

Willow had always tried to fit in to the crowd; make new friends; pretend she was the happiest of girls in the world. But it never really worked, not really. She'd always had a passion for obtaining her ultimate dream: the perfect life, and now she's almost sure she can do it...


4. The Search

Sweat begins to trickle down my forehead, as Tiffany begins searching around the room. I don't know why she bothers really. It's not like she's ever cared about what I do.

"Tiffany...what are you doing?" I ask, hoping she'll just get annoyed at me and storm off.

"It's so messy! Have you been keeping a pet rat down here?" She says, and I look over at Austin's offended reaction, his face only just visible beneath the blanket that's almost falling apart.

I raise my eyebrows. "A rat? I have a phobia of rats, and you think I would keep a pet one? Plus I've only been down here for half an hour, not my whole lifetime, Tiffany."

"Sure smells like one." She begins to look under some books stuffed in a shelf in the corner, before making her way over to where Austin is laying under the blanket. "Omg, that's my blanket from when I was only 3!" She reaches her hands out, brushing them against the blanket. I stare. My eyes fixed on the blanket, Austin, Tiffany.What should I do?

Tiffany fingers begin to curl around the blanket, ready to pull it off. I take a deep breath, calming myself.


Tiffany turns her head, letting go of the blanket, and stares at me. I keep screaming.

"What are you doing?" She yells, trying to speak over the screaming. I stop.

"I saw a rat!" I scream, pointing over to the bookshelf. Tiffany begins to walk over there again, searching.

"There's none here!" She says.

"Well I definitely saw one!" I scream back.

"Pathetic. Some people just need to grow up." She says, and with that, she's off, clip-clopping back up the stairs, leaving the door open for me to come out.

I smile, glad I managed to side-track her. I uncover Austin, who laughs uncontrollably, and make my own way up the stairs, promising I'll be back later...

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