Rose Farren is a runaway. A refugee, if you like. She's a handful of painful memories tied together with a rucksack and a worn-out hoodie. She's been travelling for a year all around England, and planning to move onto Ireland to find the best chance of escape and maybe finding her father again. Does she have time to think of love during all this? Pssh, no. That is, until Jamie turns up...


5. "Oh, hi, Cara."


When we near the park where the bonfire is taking place, I begin making up excuses. "You know, Jamie, maybe this isn't such a good idea," "I should really be getting back..." and, the one that made him laugh the most; "what if I push someone into the fire and get done for murder?"

"Come on, Rose, I'll give you a leg up." He tells me when we reach the locked gates of the park. He kneels down and laces his fingers together, and I sigh. No going back now. "Don't look up my dress." I tell him, before putting my foot on his locked hands. He pushes up, and I grab the top of the gate, swinging over easily and jumping down the other side. I hear voices and laughter from towards the middle. Jamie joins me a second later and grabs my hand, pulling me on. 

As we near the place where the fire is burning brightly, people start to come up to him, slapping his back and asking him who I was. 

"This is Rose." He says proudly. I keep quiet, pushing my fringe down so it covers my eye. 

"JAMIEEEE~" A blonde girl in a short skirt and belly top, even though it's about halfway through October, toddles towards him in high heels. She flings her arms around his neck. "I'm so glad you came!"

She's drunk. I can smell the stink of alcohol from here. I scoff and turn back to the fire.

"Oh, hi, Cara." He says, disentangling her from his neck awkwardly. "Having fun?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm having lots of fun..." She slurs, and her eyes trail over to me. The side of her mouth turns into a smirk. "Who is this?"

"I'm Rose. Rose Farren." I tell her before Jamie can answer. "I would tell you something about myself, but you'll probably not remember it tomorrow." I shrug, and I feel Jamie shaking with laughter beside me. 

She flicks her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Whatever. James, are you coming with us?" 

"Actually, I might stick with Rose for a while. The conversation is a bit more... varied, with her." He says vaguely, taking a drink from his can of Diet Coke.

"What'you mean?" She asked, frowning in confusion.

"Well, I don't think gossiping about boys and makeup is really my field, you know..." He shrugs, and it's my turn to laugh.

She takes a swig from her can. "Well, whatever." She repeats, slurring her words even more. "You know where we are if you need us."

"We can see your fake tan from here." I said, smiling sweetly.

She glares at me and shashays off. Yep, I've definitely made an enemy. 

"You, my friend, are going to be the death of me." Jamie elbows me in the ribs, and I laughed. "That's my job."

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