Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


20. Twenty~"We dare you..."


I'm being forced to be at this party. It's so boring, everyone's congratulating Ricky about scoring the winning goal. But there's cake. So really I'm only here for the cake because it's a chocolate one... Chocolate and cake are my weaknesses.

"A'right Ryan?"

I look up, seeing Rob. "What do you want?" I mutter.

He reaches for a slice of cake. "Some cake," he answers with a grin, "And Ricky wants to talk to you about something. Dunno what."

I moan. "Do I have to?" Rob nodded and grabs my arm. "We're playing Truth or Dare right now," he says, "It'll be way more fun with you."

Worried, I had to follow him. Besides, I normally liked playing Truth or Dare, I came up with amazing dares which were both funny and humiliating.

"Ah, Ryan's appeared," grins Jake as I come out into the freezing cold outside, "We can get on with the game. Connor, it's your turn."

"Truth," says Connor. Everyone moans, obviously they'd rather have a dare. Connor glares at them. "The last time I picked dare," he mutters, "I ended up completely embarrassed in front of Cherry Stevens."

Ricky laughs. "I remember that," he grins, "One of my best dares. Okay, here it is. Who do you fancy?"

Connor turns bright red and starts stammering. I roll my eyes, bored. This is so annoying. Poor boy, he's so embarrassed. He eventually says that he fancies Cherry, which makes all the boys laugh. Especially because Cherry is actually here.

"Okay, okay," grins Rob, "It's Ryan's turn!"

I look up. "I never said I was doing this!"

"Shut up," Ricky says, "We dare you to get into that bin over there."

"But I never chose da-"

"Do it."

I stand up. "No," I say loudly. Ricky looks at the other boys and laughs. Rob steps towards me, grinning mischievously.

"Well then," he laughs, "We'll have to make you." He grabs my arm and drags me over to the bin. Ricky lifts up the lid and Rob shoves me in.

"Help!" Ricky laughs coldly and puts the lid back on. I hear the slam as something heavy is put over it.

"Ow." Something sharp is digging into me. I look down.


This bin is full of glass.

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