Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


23. Twenty-three~"You can't!"


Beep. Beep.

What's that?

Beep. Beep.

That's really annoying.

Beep. Beep.

I've heard it before, on a TV show. But I can't work out what it is.

Beep. Beep.

Got it. It's a heart monitor thing. Why can I hear a heart monitor thing?

Everything comes flooding back.

The party. Truth or Dare. The dares. Ricky. A bin. Glass. I remember glass digging into me everywhere, seeing blood all over my clothes. I remember Cherry's voice, yelling at Ricky. And then I remember darkness. Everything went quiet and black.

I open my eyes and see a whole lot of white. White walls, white beds, people wearing white and white bandages all over my arms. How long have I been like this? Hours? Days? Weeks?

"Ryan!" It's mum, hugging me and crying. I spot Ricky, hanging around by the door, biting his lip. "You're such an idiot!" says mum, shaking me.

What? "Wait," I stammer, "Wh-what?"

Mum sighs and sits down. Ricky walks out the door, whistling innocently. I want to strangle him. Mum starts talking about me daring people to jump into bins. What? And then she starts saying about how stupid I was to do it. What? Finally, she tells me that I could have died if Ricky hadn't found me.


Ricky lied, is what I want to say. He's been torturing me the whole term and lying to keep out of trouble. He blames me for everything.

"Your dad and I think that maybe Greenwood isn't the right school for you," Mum continues, "You have been a lot quieter since you started there so we think you might be happier somewhere else."

I sit up straight, ignoring the pain in my back and legs. "No!" I protest, "You can't!"

"We can," she replies with a sad sigh, "You'll be home schooled until the end of the term and then you'll be starting Larkbush next term."

The school name rings a bell. "Boarding school!?" I exclaim, "You're sending me to a boarding school!"

"Yes," Mum says softly, "We're sending you to boarding school."

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