Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


12. Twelve~"Whatever you're doing to him, stop."


Ellie didn't come to school today. I was surprised that Ricky did though, looking sort of...triumphant. Ryan trailed behind him, his hair messed up and his eyes red, like he'd been crying. His nose is all swollen as well, it looks very painful.

"Ryan?" I said to him. He turned around. "What happened?"

He sighed and shrugged. "Walked into a mirror.

I tried not to giggle at that. How do you manage to walk into a mirror? Before I could ask, the bell went and we all had to sit down.

"Just waiting for silence..." said Miss Coben, "Ah, silence! Yay." I like Miss Coben, she's the best teacher ever. She teaches English, one of my favourite subjects. "Before we do anything else, there's a power point here somewhere..." She goes onto the computer and we watch what she's doing on the screen. "Ah!" Miss Coben laughs, "It's on the memory pen!"

Then she starts looking for that while the rest of us are trying really, really hard not to laugh. Miss Coben is a great teacher, everyone loves her, but she can be a little bit forgetful now and again. She emerges from under the desk, holding a small, red memory pen. "Found it!"

She puts it in the computer and clicks on a file saying "Year Nine bullying power points". Out of the corner of my eye, I spot Ricky sit up straight, biting his lip. I look from Ricky, who looks suspicious, to Ryan, who is looking frightened.

As the power point starts, Ricky starts whispering to the boy beside him and Ryan stares straight at the screen, but he looks a million miles away. He doesn't look to be focused on it, he's daydreaming probably.

But there's something about their reactions that worries me. Is Ricky bullying Ryan? I look at them again and it comes together. No one likes Ryan, especially Ricky. Something is happening.

When registration ends, I walk into Ricky on purpose. "Cherry!" he protests, "It's science next!"

"Listen to me Ricky," I say firmly, "Stop hurting Ryan."

"But I'm-"

"Whatever you're doing to him, stop."

As I walk away, I know that Ryan is staring at me.

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