Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


3. Three~"Hey Ryan..."


Going back to school today. Oh no.

I suppose I should actually like school. I suppose I'm popular, all the boys like me and I'm lead cheerleader. But that's why I don't like school, because I'm a cheerleader.

Every year, since I was five, I go to a cheerleading class every single day after school. It was okay back in primary school, I danced about a lot and girls thought I was a ballerina. I enjoyed that.

Now in secondary school, cheerleaders are completely different. We are supposed to be silly, make up mad,  not very smart and have a footballer boyfriend. No way.

I'm not silly, I'm smart and the only make up I use is concealer. And I will never, ever have a footballer boyfriend. No, I want someone the complete opposite of a footballer...

Also, because I'm the lead cheerleader, I have to come up with all the routines. All the other cheerleaders are very acrobatic so they love complicated ones, like me. Sadly, one cheer leader doesn't. Eleanor Owens. Whose boyfriend is a footballer, by the way.

Ellie, as I call her, was my best friend in primary school. She always admired me, tried to copy what I was doing. We were very alike, very giggly back then. Now, Ellie is obsessed with boys. Badly. She came into school on the first day with, like, an inch of make up on. By the end of the day, she had Ricky O'Nally as a boyfriend. He's the football hero by the way. Ellie had completely changed. 

Ellie is also one of my cheer leaders. During the summer holidays, she goes to a week long dance and gymnastics club which seems to make her think she's a perfect cheerleader. She's so very wrong. She can't actually do anything! I only keep her in the team because I'm scared of what she'll do to me...

Because school is only a ten minute walk away, I'm forced to walk there. It's okay I suppose, I listen to One Direction and Connor Maynard on my iPod on the way. Dad's calling me down, yelling that I have to go now. Time to walk.


Ten minutes later, I arrive in school. There's Ellie, waiting by the door, but she's not waiting for me.

About ten seconds later, a boy gets out of a car. "Ricky!" yells Ellie, waving madly at one of the boys. Ricky grins and runs over to her, school bag swinging from one shoulder. They link arms and walk into the school, chatting.

Sighing, another boy gets out of the car. It's Ryan, Ricky's identical twin. Sometimes, he seems invisible, only seen when a teacher praises him for his excellent work. He's not the type of boy a cheerleader should be in love with...

"Hey Ryan..." I say dreamily as he walks past.

...but that won't stop me.

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