Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


16. Sixteen~"Aw, I'm sorry!"


It was Rob's idea. To bring the football team over to my house and then annoy Ryan. I didn't want to do it that much but Rob is really persuasive when he wants to be. So I said yes, thinking mum wouldn't let them come round.

But she said yes. Ryan looked really scared so I grinned at him, just to annoy him. And then I felt really bad so I went up to my room and texted everyone that the team can come to my house on Friday.

In school when we were all discussing it, Ryan looked terrified. Rob asked me if we were still going to annoy him, and I said yes. I pointed at Ryan when his back was turned. The whole team nodded. I guess Rob told them.

I keep thinking about what Niamh said to me.  Look out for your little brother. I'm not doing that. Last year, he was really shy but I was really confident so everyone liked me because they could talk to me. I tried to get Ryan to act more confident but he didn't. He was a loner. I always felt bad about that.  I think because I was constantly at other people's houses, we grew apart. And no one liked Ryan so I started to find him really annoying.

And then when I told Rob to put him in the storeroom... I just got caught up in the moment. At least, I keep telling myself I got caught up in the moment.

The bell goes for the end of the lesson and I stand up so quickly that my chair falls over and lands on my foot. "Ow!" Rob laughs at me.

"That keen to go for lunch, eh Rick?"

"Shut up!" I said, massaging my toe. "Owww..." Rob laughed but stopped quickly, looking at Ryan. He was carrying a folder, we have a test after lunch. TD which always has a huge folder to revise. I look back at my school bag and dig out my own folder.

By the time I look up, Rob has tripped Ryan up and everything in his folder has come out. "Aw, I'm sorry!" he laughs.

Cursing, Ryan picks up his stuff and walks out of the room.

I feel so bad.

But I can't do anything.

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