Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


6. Six~"Boring!"


Did I just do that? For real? I choked back a squeal. I talked to Ryan and I was nice to him at the same time and he seemed all right with it. Maybe he likes me...

The next few lessons seem to go by in a flash. I noticed that when Ryan came back into class, Ricky and Rob looked totally confused. I giggled a bit, but disguised it as a cough. I think I fooled them.

The bell goes for end of school, which means I have to go and get changed into my cheerleader outfit because now I have to teach the new routine. Yay.

Ryan looks like he's going to talk to me, but he shakes his head and walks away. I wonder what he was going to say.

"Come on Cherry!" laughs Annie, "I need to know the routine!" Annie Daller is one of the best cheerleaders, she's very flexible and I often make her do the most complicated parts of a routine. I grin and run to the changing rooms. Annie follows.

Ellie, Jody Hunter, Pip Wilson, Maddie James and Caityn McNulty are already there, chatting. Maddie notices me and runs over. "Cherryyy!" she squeals and hugs me hard, "Look, new cheerleader!" She points to Pip, who blushes and hides her head. I roll my eyes and walk over to her.

"Hi," I say, "Are you Rob's sister?" A nod. "You any good at cheerleading?" A shrug. I laugh. "Ah, come on Pip! I know you're good, I've seen you dancing." Pip looks up and smiles. "There we are, a good smile!" I laugh again.

Fifteen minutes later, we're outside and it's actually quite nice.

"Come on Ireland!" yells Maddie, "This isn't your weather! This is Spanish weather!" I burst into giggles at this, because my mum often says, "If a Spanish person came to Ireland, they'd say it was cold." Having been to Spain, I know that this isn't Spanish weather.

It's probably French.

Still giggling, I manage to make everyone, "SHUT UP!!" and show them the routine. Annie was staying with me in the holidays and we worked on it together. It has lots of backflips, which is good because everyone except Ellie can do them, and a pyramid. That was really cool. Two of us are at the bottom, maybe Jody and Maddie, and I plan on seeing if Pip can jump onto their backs and do a flip off them.

Ah, Pip can. Excellent. In fact, Pip is amazing! She can do several cartwheels in a row, a perfect backflip and is extremely acrobatic. Jody and Maddie got down on their hands and knees, ready for Pip to jump on them.

"Do I just have to jump on them?" she asks. I can tell she wants to do more.

I looked at her, thinking. "Tell you what," I said, "You can do a couple of cartwheels and then jump onto them if you like." She nods madly. Someone's happy.

That actually worked really well. Pip is definitely a contender to beat Annie. But Ellie ruins it.

"Boring!" she yells, "That's rubbish!"

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