Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


17. Seventeen~"Stupid little first years."


I landed on my knee when Rob tripped me. It hurts a lot. Maybe I've broken it. Oh I hope I broke it. If it is broken then I don't have to do P.E. Yes! I hope I've broken it now. Maybe I've used the word 'broken' too much.

On the way to P.E, I push open the door to sickbay. The nurse looks up at me. "I fell and landed on my knee and it's kinda hard to walk," I say, really quickly. The nurse sighs and tells me to sit down, she'll be over in a second. There's a little first year who's managed to staple a piece of paper to his finger who requires urgent medical attention.

I love sickbay. You always get a biscuit. And I love biscuits. Last year in the winter, Ricky and his mates pushed me into a snowdrift and a teacher took me to sickbay because they thought I'd die of the cold. The nurse gave me a hot chocolate. Ricky was so jealous. Then she sent me home and I got another hot chocolate. I love hot chocolates.

"Okay love," says the nurse, coming over, "Let's see this leg of yours." She rolls up my trousers, holding an ice pack in the other hand. "It's very red," she points out, "But you'll live. What lesson do you have next?"

"P.E." I answer, "Running the track today."

The nurse puts an ice pack on my knee. I flinch, it's freezing! "No P.E. for you," says the nurse, "Sit here and do homework or something."


No P.E! I nod meekly, acting sad. The nurse smiled and turned back to the first year, who was now complaining because his plaster keeps coming off. Rolling my eyes, I rummage through my bag and grab my history folder. I might as well start on the homework.

Five minutes later, I've finished. The little first year was sent away, muttering about geography tests. I think he stapled his finger on purpose so he didn't have to do it. Stupid little first years. That's what Ricky used to do. He slammed a door on his right hand once so he didn't have to write. When it didn't work, at home he did it to me for some reason.

I think about Friday again.

Ricky's going to do a lot worse than slam a door on my hand.

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