Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


4. Four~"Teacher's pet!"


If 12 multiplied by x is 36, what is x?

I groaned quietly. I hate maths. I hate all subjects. Except sports, obviously. I love sports!

Ryan is scribbling away next to me, knowing all the answers. I groan again, my twin is so smart. He got an A in his transfer test, I got a C. I think they only let me in because we're twins. And twins shouldn't be separated for some stupid reason.

"Time's up!" announces the teacher. There's the sound of twenty five sighs as he goes around the class picking up the pages. I look at my page and hastily write 3? as my answer. It's a random guess, but I think it might be right...

Mr Jameson lets us do anything for the next ten minutes so I sit on the table behind me and yell at Flynn. "Oi, Flynn! Get over here!"

Flynn immediately appears. He's the second fastest in the class, after me. "What?" he says, stuffing a phone into his pocket.

"Football at lunch," I say, "9c against us. Spread the word." He turns to go and I remember something suddenly. "Oh, Flynn."

He turns around again. "What!" he says impatiently.

"Tell the cheerleaders," I say, "Cherry should know there's a match." Flynn smiles broadly and runs off. Everyone likes the cheerleaders, especially Cherry, who hasn't got a boyfriend. Yet.

"All right 9a!" announces Mr Jameson, "I've marked your tests and-"

"That was a test?" interrupts Rob from the back of the class, "No fair sir, we didn't know!"

Mr Jameson looks annoyed, "Surprise test mister Wilson, you're not supposed to know."

Rob rolls his eyes and slumps down in his seat, annoyed. "No fair," he mutters.

"Right," says Mr Jameson, "The people who got over ten right were...Cherry Stevens, James McLaughlin and Carolyn Mayright."

The three kids smile happily and are sighed at by everyone else. "The people with seven to nine correct answers were," continues the teacher, "Holly Colby, Rose Gatner, Samuel Fisher, Alexander Hunter, Sapphire Cairns, Lara Jones and Richard O'Nally."

I groan. I hate it when teachers call me Richard. It's so annoying. Mr Jameson continues through the names. Eleanor got less than five, Rob got six and Flynn got six too.

"And only one person got everything right," says the teacher.

And I know who that is...

"Ryan O'Nally!" My twin. Yay.

When the bell goes, we run out yelling, "No more maths!" Ryan falls, I think someone tripped him up, and everything falls out of his bag. Cursing quietly, he picks them up.

"Teacher's pet!" sneers Rob, pushing Ryan against the wall, "You're just rubbish at everything, aren't you?"

Ryan struggles, but can't get free. "Get off me," he says, "Rick, help!" He's seen me. I don't know what to do. I'm mad at Ryan, but he's my brother. But everyone likes me.

"Oi Rob," I grin, pointing to a storeroom, "Stick him in there, he's claustrophobic."

"Ah..." laughs Rob, grabbing Ryan's tie. He drags him to the storeroom, opens it and pushes him in.

"No!" cries Ryan, "Ricky!"

He's yelling and banging on the door, which Rob locks.

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