Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


15. Fifteen~"It's Ryan, isn't it?"


Poor Ryan.

Ricky said that the football team could come over on Friday night. He's planning something, I know he is. Something to do with Ryan. He was grinning at all his mates, and he pointed at Ryan when his back was turned. They all nodded.

I'm worried about him.

"Cherry?" Maddie waves a hand in front of my face, "Earth to Cherry. Anyone home?"

I laugh and push her hand away. "What?" I say, "Sorry, I'm a million miles away."

"You were looking at the boys again."

"Was I?"

Maddie giggles. "You were. Any boy in particular?"

I hesitate. "No-"

Jody leans over. "Yes!" she interrupts in a sing-song voice, "I know who!"

"Who?" asks Maddie, "Tell meh! Now!"

"Jody!" I whine. Maddie puts a hand over my mouth to stop me from talking.

"Well..." says Jody, "He's not a footballer."

"Shock! Horror!" exclaims Maddie, pretending to faint. She gets back up again, grinning. "No big deal."

No big deal? They don't care. Wow. I though they'd hate me, but they don't. Oh God, that makes me feel so much better.

Jody pokes me. "It's Ryan, isn't it?" she asks.

I blush and don't answer. Maddie's eyes widen and she looks from me to him. She starts to smile. "That's adorable!" she says, her voice all high pitched.

"Don't tell him," I murmur, "Please don't tell him."

"We won't," answers Jody, "We promise."

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