Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


11. Eleven~"I hate my brother."


I should never have said any of that.

Ricky's going to make my life hell from now on.

I told my parents I walked into a mirror, that was how my nose started bleeding. I knew Ricky would kill me if I told on him. But he didn't forgive me, oh no. I went back up to my room and found everything was on the floor and my books were scattered everywhere, some had pages torn out. My books...

"Having fun Ryany?" laughed Ricky, leaning against my door frame, "Yeah, sorry I was looking for something. Didn't find it, but hey. I don't have to tidy this mess."

I threw my pillow at him but he ducked out of the way. "Have fun!" he said in a sing-song voice before walking into his room and closing the door.

I hate my brother. I really do. He knows I hate messy things, it's really annoying because I can't find anything at all. I like neatness and order. Not chaos. Which is why I rarely go into Ricky's room, it's like a bomb site. There's homework books everywhere, footballs, trophies,'s so messy! 

Cursing, I start tidying my room. Within minutes, everything is in order and not messy. But something's missing. Something precious and I can't find it anywhere.


No, he didn't.

He wouldn't.

The window is wide open. Terrified, I ran to it, hoping Ricky didn't do what I thought he did.

But he did.

You see, my most prized possession is a signed My Chemical Romance CD that I won in a competition about a year ago. Ricky knows how much it means to me, he was even jealous about it.

And it's lying, smashed, on the pavement.

Like I said, I hate my brother.

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