Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


24. Author's note

Finished at last!

There's going to be a sequel. It will be called School Days and it's actually already finished but not on Movellas. So it (hopefully) shouldn't take long to write. Now, give me a day or two to get over the fact that I've actually finished a story, and I'll publish the sequel.




you know, i worked real hard on this story, but annoyingly fanfictions took over this site. these characters have been greatly developed since this story and i will be writing it on another site. movellas was my twelve year old self's happy place for a while. i love these characters a lot, ryan and ricky are my babies. they get on better now. they also have a sister. so yeah, if you want to find me, i'll be on figment.

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