Summer with One Direction

A girl who never expected to meet 1D will she have a happy ending or will she ever be stopped by her family, friends and past what will ever happen next


13. Why?

Harry's POV
My bestmate and my bestmate's girlfriend is hurt cause of him why? I will get revenge I will find her
~**********~. Louisa's POV
My boyfriend a person that I love is gone I dont see the point in life anymore but Richard hostaged me in a warehouse I cant move my body hurts I wonder what is he gonna do to me. Richard walked in ill let you call one person. I said I want to call Louis he laughed I killed him you will never see him again. Can I just call Martina then I said. Fine 5 minutes I turned on the GPS tracker before I called I may be weak but Im not stupid I called her.
~***********~. Martina's POV
My phone rang it was an unknown number I answered it was Louisa she told me where her dad worked and if she never came back tell everyone she loves them then she hanged up but I saw a GPS traker. Good job Louisa I wispered to my self I told everyone where she was boy this girl was smart
~**********~. Louisa's POV
I hope Martina would get it. Richard got the phone and he hanged it up he told me to kiss him I hissed at him I would never do that he got a knife and put it near my throat but before he did
~**********~. Liam's POV
When Martina said she knows where Louisa I rocketed out of my seat we asked a nurse if she could look after Louis she said yes ( skip car ride there ). When we got there I was the first one who entered we saw Richard with a knife in his hand I punced him in the face we all did somework with him Franz and Martina took Louisa to the hospital and called the cops. She's fine for now but for how long
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