Summer with One Direction

A girl who never expected to meet 1D will she have a happy ending or will she ever be stopped by her family, friends and past what will ever happen next


3. The Call

Louisa's POV
Ok ok franz ill go to your house today ok now (skip ride there) . Ok loulou lets call him. Louisa: hello. Louis: hey louisa how are you. Louisa: so whats up (harry grabs the phone) Harry:hey louisa and franz does anyone of you like me. (franz grabs the phone). Franz:hi harry I really like you and louisa here likes louis. (I grab the phone) Louisa:hey harry were really big fans. Harry: since you peeps gained our trust I invite you to join us for lunch in Nandos today. Louisa:sure around 2pm. Harry:perfect see you later girls. (franz grabs the phone). Franz:bye harry. ~******~. Franz's POV.
I talked to harry styles I said. Oh yeah Franz we have lunch with them at 2pm. And its one so I better get ready BYE!! Louisa said. NOOOOO DONT LEAVE MEEEEE!!!!! AWWWW KILL JOY!!!
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