Summer with One Direction

A girl who never expected to meet 1D will she have a happy ending or will she ever be stopped by her family, friends and past what will ever happen next



Louisa's POV
I was gonna go back to sleep but Lou ensisted to sleep with me. The very next day Louis made me breakfast in bed and went straight to the point who Richard was. I said nothing and I just bursted out of the room in tears
~*********~. Louis' POV
I made her breakfast in bed. All of a sudden I had an urge to ask who was Richard but I guess that wasnt a good idea. What do I do now
~*********~. Zayn's POV
I saw Louisa running out of her room and locking her self in Franz's room I questioned Lou what happened. " I asked her what happened last night " lou said. " Why did you ask her now you ding dong " I said. " I thought she could come around now " lou said. " YOU THOUGHT " I said. Im worried about her
~********~. Louisa's POV
I ran to Franz's room Martina was also there they both comforted me they talked me in telling the past to them. " They have to know " Martina said. " fine ill try not to break into tears " I said. We left the room we made a big circle on the ground I went straight to the point. "Richard was my past boyfriend". " he was nice at first but he got VERY VERY overprotective " Franz said. " he didnt want Louisa to visit her friends even her family If she did Richard would beat her " Martina said. "so I decided to leave him " I said. " but one day Richard was stalking me I ran I hit a dead end he had a knife in his hand he cut my throat and he broke my ribs I almost died but then my brother saw me almost dead he got me to a hospital" I said. " she was in the hospital for weeks luckily the scar faded " Martina said. Tears were escaping my eyes I could'nt control it anymore then I said "t-thats w-why my p-parents think Im a w-worthless child". I looked at Louis and the others they looked like they were gonna kill somebody. After my phone rang it was a unknown number when I picked it up it was Richard I could recognize his sinister voice I put him on speaker. " what do you want " I said. " aww did you miss me I just want to tell you Im in your parents' house ( he puts his phone near to my little sister natasha ) " Louisa you have to get out of here he's gonna kill you " she said. " I wont kill them you just have to Show up here " richard said. " FINE WE'LL BE THERE" louis said. " I see you have a new boyfriend Louisa I hope you'll see each other again " richard said. He hanged up. I looked at Lou "we have to be there" Liam said. " but how do we protect everyone " Harry said " we have a the brain the muscle we can do this" stated niall. ( skip car ride there ) we saw Richard there he let go of my family But I could see someone died it was my parents he killed my parents even if they took me for granted I still love them. My brothers and sisters ran different directions. My friends and boyfriend made a baricade around me. Louis wispered " run " but I was frozen " RUN " louis shouted that was the time that I ran He followed me and finnally catched up to me I could see that someone was on the floor I asked him who he killed your boyfriend he said Louis Louis was D-DEAD The person who loved me dead somehow I also wanted to die what is life now
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