Summer with One Direction

A girl who never expected to meet 1D will she have a happy ending or will she ever be stopped by her family, friends and past what will ever happen next


17. Never Forgotten

Louisa's POV
He called out my name he said " Im looking for someone Louisa my girlfriend " suddenly my friend pointed at me Louis saw them then he saw me he ran straight for me I said " I said not to look for me and I thought you forgot me?". " how could I ever forget you I love you to much " Louis stated. Then he kissed me pasionatly on the lips he pulled me on stage and he sang gotta be you to me I felt really happy after the concert they wrapped me in their big bear hugs. " Louisa remind me never to give you a room with a window " Franz said we all laughed " so it is true behind every cloud theres a silver lining. After I had to move back to Donacaster it was a pain to leave my friends but we still stayed in touch. This was a interesting summer of my life until now all my family and friends are still here especially Louis
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