Summer with One Direction

A girl who never expected to meet 1D will she have a happy ending or will she ever be stopped by her family, friends and past what will ever happen next


7. Messed up life

Louisa's POV
That was just awesome but when we got to my house my dad and mum got mad at me. " go back to your house " my dad sad. "LOUISA WHAT IS THIS!!" My mum said while showing me a picture of me and Louis kissing. " I TOLD YOU NO BOYFRIENDS " my dad said " YOU WORTHLESS DAUGHTER WHY CANT YOU BE LIKE YOUR BROTHER HE LISTENS TO US UNLIKE YOU YOUR NOTHING YOU CANT DO ANYTHING RIGHT " my dad said " BUT MUM DAD I REALLY LOVE THIS BOY HE REALLY LOVES ME " I said " YOU SEE YOU EVEN TALK BACK " my mum said. Then my brothers and sisters walked in. " ENOUGH " older brother Zack said. He was the one who was always compared to me but he loves me. " MUM DAD SHE MIGHT NOT BE LIKE ME BUT I ALWAYS ENVY HER SHE GRADUATED WITH HONORS I DIDNT YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH HER TO " zack said. " THATS RIGHT " my sister sasha said. "FINE SINCE YOU CARE FOR HER LOUISA YOU WONT GO ANYWHERE THIS WEEK!!!! " my mom said. After I went running up the stairs crying ( 5 minutes later ) My brothers and sister came in they said my mum and dad were talking about me but my brother had a idea. "Louisa I thought your going out?". My brother said. " yeah why I cant go out I have to stay here" " well we'll help you get out " my little sister and brother natasha and sean said in unison. "okay louisa well help you". I went down using the old tree I thanked my brothers and sisters and ran to Franz's house Yes I Was out of there
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