Summer with One Direction

A girl who never expected to meet 1D will she have a happy ending or will she ever be stopped by her family, friends and past what will ever happen next


8. Carnival

Louisa's POV
I was out of there and I still had time for the carnival when I got there I pulled Franz to the corner and said what happened she looked really mad she almost hit the wall she promised me that he wont tell anyone ( skip ride to the carnival ) we got to the carnival I paired up with Lou we got about thirty tickets after about one hour we finnished the tickets thats when Directioners came in
~*********~ Harry's POV
Lou already has a girlfriend he seems to love her alot well I love Franz to she's everything for me I cant let her go. I realized that I won a big teddy bear I pulled Franz to the side I gave her the big teddy bear and asked her to be my girlfriend she said yes I kissed her passionatly but after thats when Directioners came in.
~**********~. Zayn's POV
Louisa was taken. Me and Niall were paired up together we were both heart broken but of course they can only choose one guy but anyways if there happy were happy after that Directioners came in
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