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1. chapter 1: The girl on the baech


“Bye mom I’m going to go for a little walk down to the beach, it won’t take more than an hour”

I said closing the door behind me, turning left by the school and right by the playground near the lake where we lived before mom got married to her now second x-husband. I followed the road pass the bus stop, the yucky yellow car and the thin teacher with the extremely fat cat with the belly that goes all the way down to the ground. Crossing the road and continuing all the way down to the ocean. Looking out at the horizon I could see that there were more grey clouds to come.

"oh great" I thought "can’t there just come a little bit of sunshine this week" 

I continued down the beach and sat down at the bathing pier, taking out my phone and trying to find some good music that I could listen to. I fund something by Haruka Shimoto but I realized it was too windy to hear anything without my headphone. I looked up into the grey sky thinking about going home before it started to rain, but then I spotted a little ray of sunshine escaping the dark clouds, following it with my eyes I saw a girl standing on the wavebreaker. She couldn’t be older than 20, she looked like she was around my age. She had long brown hair that went half way down her back. She was wearing some kind of white dress that looked inappropriate for walking around on those uneven boulders. I don’t know why but she seemed familiar even though I couldn’t see her face.  I started running along the beach keeping my eyes peeled on her, jumping unto the wavebreaker still not looking any other way then at her while she ventured further and further out on the wavebreaker. Nimble and elegant like a oversized mountain goat I leaped forward among the huge rocks, my eyes still looking at the back of this girl that had reached the end of the wavebreaker and slowly turning her face against me. But sadly I fell and took my eyes of her for second looking down and acting quickly to prevent me from getting a face full of rock. It had only taken a second, but when I looked back up she was no longer there, all there was left of her was the ray of sunshine that slowly shrunk and disappeared behind the clouds. I stood in it as it vanished, but as I stood there I felt I was somehow safe and I knew that I would see the mysterious girl again.

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