Laugh A Little, Smile A lot

It all starts when kellys best friend alice moves away and she ends up making new friends. they help her out when she needs it the most. family is the key to life you should hold them close but when she finds out she doesnt have any here life starts going down hill. will her firends still be there for her or will it just cause more drama when someone new comes along. A One direction fan fic (:


8. The Girl

Kelly's P.O.V

Louis quickly ran to my side and rapped his walm loving arms around me. "Whats wrong hun" I looked up at him into his blue eyes. "I..t.. Was.... My.. D..a..d.. On... The... Phone"I stumbled out. "WHAT HE SAY!!" Harry said looking at me worried.

Louis helped me up and I walked over to Harry's bed he signaled for me to sit down so I did. He put his arm around me and I explained what my dad said.

After catching up with Harry me and Louis walked back to my room as it was getting late.

"I'm glad you have a friend like Harry, he seems to care about you a lot" I just smiled. "I very lucky to have him as my friend". "and me as your brother" he said giving me a cheeky smile as he opened the door to my room for me.

"I think I might go to sleep early since I didn't sleep much last night because of the pain" sure thing Hun sweet dreams" he gave me a kiss on my forehead and walked to sit down at the chair next to my bed.

Harry's P.O.V

I was laying on my bed listening to my music,I was glad to see Kelly walk into the room. She always put a smile on my face.

"Heey Haz I've got someone to meet you" I thought for a moment to think of who it was then I realized it must Kelly brother Louis. "You must be Harry thankyou so much for saving Kelly's life",

I smiled I didn't realize what I had really done I saved some that I care about a lot who I couldn't live without someone that always made me happy I would die for her.

"It was nothing really.." I said putting my hand out to shake it but he just gave me a man hug instead he must be very grateful.

Louis was a really cool guy we got on very well. We were talking about some Ds games then we started talking about carrots. Random I know but it was really cool to talk to another guy since I hadn't made any close friends apart from Kelly.

I looked around to see Kelly sitting on the chair with her phone up to her ear. I think she was talking to someone.

Then I see a tear roll down her face and she drops to the ground. I would rush to her but I'm not aloud out of bed nurses orders and even if I tired I couldn't as lots of machines were coming out of me in many different places.


I watch Louis rush to her side. I then zoned out until I heard the words "MY.. D..A..D.." those words rang though my head. It was like it was on replay

I watch Louis help her up of the ground and I signal for her to sit on my bed.

I put my arms around her to make her feel better and want her to understand that I'm always here for her.

I look at Louis to see him give me a grateful smile as to say thankyou.

She started explaining what had happened and I listened well her head leant on my shoulder.

Her and Louis left as it was getting late. I decide I will try and get some sleep.

I cloesed my eyes and slowly started to dift into my dream world.

I woke up to not been able to breath I opened my eyes to see something I was hoping I would never see again.

His dark brown eyes were looking right at me and his hands were around my neck.

It was Kelly's dad.

"decided we would wake up have we"

I sat there in silence not knowing what to say.

"cat got your tongue ay"

"not such I tough guy now are we"

"shall we finish of what we started".

This was it I was going to die is I could think. I couldnt say anything as no matter how much I tried I didn't have enough breath.

He lifted up his hand to punch me. I closed my eyes just waiting for the pain to hit me.

But it didn't come. I opened my eyes to see someone standing at the door. " are you alright there I think you should leave before I get an nurse or the police".

"I will be back dont you worry your lucky this time" he said and spat at my face"

He through me back onto the bed and I sighed in relief. He quickly ran out of the room faster than you could say pussy.

I looked over to this person that save my life to thank her but she was gone. I think I had see her around school so I will thank her someday.

Kelly's P.O.V

He was running towards holding a knife, I try to run but I wasn't getting anywhere. I toke one big breath then he jumped on me. He pinned me to the ground. I was screaming for help but no one came. He lifted the knife up and...

"Kelly wake up" I heard a soft voice say shacking me a little.

I opened my eyes to see Harry standing there.

Few it was just a dream I had tears running down my face and I felt breathless.

"it's okay Kelly you must of just had a bad dream, you were scream so loud I had to wake you sorry". "It's okay Harry thanks and sorry" then it clicked. "Omg Harry what are you doing out of bed!". "well the nurse said I was stable enough to walk around". He had a massive smile on his face. "What" I asked a little confused. "Ohh nothing just looking at an angel". He said and giving me a wink. I just laugh. "well I better go becuase I'm only spouse to be out of bed for 10 mins at a time, but I leaving tomorrow and I promise you I will come see you soon" , "okay cool I'm going home soon so I will come and see you before I leave". He came and gave me a hug then left.

I heard a loud noice it shoulder like a race car. I look over to see Louis sitting on the same he was on fast night fast alseep. Aww he looked so peaceful.

I then saw Louis eyes slow open. "goodmorning babe". "aww sorry lou I didn't mean to wake you". "aww it's alguds". "did you sleep here the whole night?" "well I had no where else to go". "omg Louis I'm so sorry I didnt think about I should've given you my house key or something" I felt so bad he came all the way here for me and he slept on a chair. "it's okay Hun we're going home to soon anyway".

Harry's P.O.V

I left Kelly's room trying to avoid all nurses because I was spouse to be back in my bed a while ago. I looked down the hallway to make sure it was clear, that's when I saw her the girl that save my life.

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