Laugh A Little, Smile A lot

It all starts when kellys best friend alice moves away and she ends up making new friends. they help her out when she needs it the most. family is the key to life you should hold them close but when she finds out she doesnt have any here life starts going down hill. will her firends still be there for her or will it just cause more drama when someone new comes along. A One direction fan fic (:


1. The Begining

Kellys P.O.V

It's a start of a new year of school but that doesn't make anything better as my best friend Alice has left so I'm going to start the new year by myself. It's like starting at a new school. "U will make new friends"my mum says as I'm trying to get out of going to school. She always thinks shes right but shes not. "Yea Kelly do worry" my little brother repeated he's like a parrot. After I'm done at the table, i grab my bag and walk of the door. I yell out to my mum"see u later" "bye sweetie have a good day" she replyed I sigh knowing it won't be.

As I am walking to school (as we only live like 5 minutes away) I'm thinking bout who I can hang out with, what will it be like what happens if i have a teacher that doesn't like me. I was to into my thinking that I walked straight past my school and then when I turned around I ran straight into a boy he had deep blue eyes and brown curly hair and amazing smile!! "sorry" I say trying not to steer into his eyes " it's okay, im Harry I'm new here" "hi I'm Kelly" "so are you coming to school or planing on wagging?" he ask with laughing "well I dont have a choice because my mum will have a spaz at me if I don't" "same" he he said smiling so we walked into school together, it was better than walking alone.we talked the whole way it was like we had known each other for years. I had to show him where the hall is since he was new , everyone sat down as miss Townson said her normal speech about making it a good year and sticking to the rules , I looked over at Harry and he looked like he was falling asleep I started giggling to my self.

After what seemed like forever we finial could go. I sigh and started walking when "hey" I turned around to see Harry beside me " hey" I said smiling "where are you of to" I asked hoping it was the same class as me. "umm B12 do you know where that is. I smile " I will show you it's close to mine. So we walked together up stairs to our class rooms and we said our good byes and promise to hang out at interval so we wouldn't be loners. I walked into the class to look around and see all these new faces I only knew one girl and she was the bitch of them all the one that she had hated ever since that one day.


we were all siting down at the lunch tables having a good time smiling. "you ugly bitch none likes you, you could go die in a hole for all I care" I turned around to see Rebecca standing there with anger written all over her face. "what I do?" I said very confused. "you no perfectly well what you did. You stealer my boyfriend and turned him anginest me and now he says he's in love with you. " "I did not" trying to act normal. "now your a lying bitch as well glad to know you care after all those years we were friends and you go do this to me"

*flash back ends*

I didn't really do anything in a way but thats all in the past now but telling by the look she gave me she still doesn't forgive me, so I went and sit at the back of the class where it was the only seat left. "well hello there" a cute boy who had perfect swept hair with deep brown eyes"hello" I said smiling."you must be kelly" "yea" I said confused on how he knew my name I've seen him around but never have I talked to him. "ohh sorry to scary you I'm not a stalker I'm Liam. I've just heard a lot about you since you are the captain of the volleyball team" I laughed makes sense now. We ended up getting on well we had 2 classes together so we walked to the next class together still talking. We both stood out side our English class waiting for the teacher to come. We both looked around to see none else standing out side the class we both finial looked up at the door to see a sign that said *please class go to the study lab* we just looked at each other and burst out laughing we collapsed to the ground in fits of laughter. When we final mangented to stop laughing and try stand up that's when we notice someone was watching us.

Liam's P.O.V

We looked over to where someone was watching us. "Mr Payne, Miss brookewood come here now" we both looked as our principal came walking towards us. "what on earth are you to doing" mr brainbrige said angry. We were both we're lost for words I have never got in trouble before it seem weird "get to my office now" I looked at kelly to she her face was serious now. We both started walking not saying a word I couldn't help but give a little smile as to say don't worry. She smiled back her cute little smile with her long brown hair hiding bits of her face. I only known her for like an hour but I feel like I can trust her with anything she's nothing like the rumors I had been told. I didn't just know who she was because of volleyball. I got told some stuff like that she had slept with every guy, she's a player or she has no friends because she mean and a bully. Of course I didn't tell her this it turns out she's nothing like any of those she just really shy. I looked into her deep green eyes as she stopped and looked at me. " we'll here goes" she said sighing. We knocked on the door to see him already there he must of walked fast or we were walking very slow. "come in". We both sat down on chairs in front of his desk. "could one of uses please tell me why you guys were wagging". I didn't know what to say but Kelly bet me to it. "umm.. Sir we were waiting out side for our teacher and we didn't realize that our class was in the study lab" she seemed calm saying this well calmer than me. " that's not good enough you should pay more attention and not be flirt with each other then u wouldn't be in this mess" I looked over to Kelly who had no turned bright red. "detention for a week after school" my face dropped wow I have never had a detention I started to felt sick. "okay" we both said in unison and walked out. I looked at her "wow never been in there for a bad thing before" I said she looked shocked "really" she said not believeing me one bit. "yuup I've only been in there to get an award" "wow" is all she managed to say The bell rang. "well I guess we will be seeing a lot more of each other this week than we thought" I said giving her a wink, " ohh ahh how am I going to live" she said cheekily. "well I will see around", " byee Kelly" I replyed. What a great start to the year missed my first ever class and have an detention for a whole week.

Kelly's P.O.V

Next class went fast before i knew it half the day was gone. Me and Harry meet up again for lunch as we didn't really know where to sit where we would fit in. I was looking around for a table when I spotted a person waving at me it was Liam. "hey Harry let's go sit over there you can come meet my new friend liam. "heeeey liam you don't mind if we sit here" " of course I don't mind, we are just talking about random stuff" "okay cool by the way this is harry he's new here". "Heey Harry" Liam said shaking his hand to be polite.i didn't even notice the other boys at the table till Liam said something "This is Zayn, Niall and Tom" "Heey they all said smiling. "wow you are even more beautiful than Liam said". The cute blonde boy called niall said in a cute irish accent Liam blushed. "thanks" I laughed. "so your the ones that's turned Liam bad" the other boy Zayn said winking. We all just laughed and talked I didn't care that I was the only girl I'm use of it as I'm a shy person and I would rather hang out with guys than girls. But that always has bad points as I have a reputation now for been the high school slut but I ignore all those girls.

The day was over before you knew it started. I was so happy to go home till I bumped into Liam. "where are you going kelly detentions this way" "ohh grr I totally forgot" he smiled "lucky I was here then" we arrived at the class to see no teacher in sight maybe this wasn't going to be a bad detention after all. Well I do get to spend an hour with Liam so I'm not complaining. We talked the whole time that we both didnt realize that everyone had left. "well then Kelly I better head home I have homeworrk already and it's only the first day" "Ohhhhk byee Liam" I said smiling and I put my head phones in and stated to walk home.

I got home After 10mins as I was walking slow. I opened the door to hear shouting I'm use to hearing my parents fight but this was different. I then hear a loud bang I then ran into the room to see something I never thought I would something that will stick in my mind for the rest of my life my mum on the ground cry and screaming as my dad was hitting her. I didn't know what to do or how to react I just feel to the floor next to mum. "are you okay" I said trying to hold back the tears. I saw blood dripping from her head.all she managed to say was "RUN" I started to stand up to see dad looking at me. "what do u think your Doing" I've never seen him like this before he scarred me. Before I could reply he hit me over the head and I feel to the floor mum hadn't said anything and her eyes begin to close "I sorry" she said as the last tear feel from her check and Her eyes close. She looked peace full. By this time I has notice tears failing from my eyes as I just saw my mum die in front of me. I froze I didn't know what to do but I knew it wasn't a good idea to be staying here so I got up and ran. I knew I was a fast running so I could ran faster than my dad I sprinted out the door and down the street I didn't really notice how dark it was I heard yelling behind me but i didn't dare turn around I was running so fast I didn't know where I was going that's when I bumbed into him.

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