Laugh A Little, Smile A lot

It all starts when kellys best friend alice moves away and she ends up making new friends. they help her out when she needs it the most. family is the key to life you should hold them close but when she finds out she doesnt have any here life starts going down hill. will her firends still be there for her or will it just cause more drama when someone new comes along. A One direction fan fic (:


12. Kiss

Kelly's P.O.V

I couldn't get it thought my head of what just happened me and Harry kiss as friends or not I don't know what was going on.

We just stood there I was looking into his deep green eyes.

Our clothes were complete dripping wet by now "the rains getting harder, lets keep looking for him.." I say breaking the silence. "sure.."He replied awkwardly

I screamed making Harry look at me. "There he is under that tree. I was pointing to an old oak tree with big leaves slowly falling.

We both ran over to it hoping it was him as it was hard to see in the darkness and rain.

My heart stopped to see it wasn't. But then I looked up and there he was sitting in the tree. Harry notice to as he followed my eyes to see where I was looking.

"Louis come down I was worried about you"

"No I like it up here"

"Boobear please" Harry begged

He just looks at us his eyes bloodshot than ever.

"Fine just because I'm hungry"

I smile as he walked over to us. I gave him a massive hug and he whispered in my ear. "Don't think I didnt see that" he have me a wink and we started walking back to the house.

After we all got cleaned up and warm we sat down on the couch watching tv, Louis still hadnt said much. Harry was sitting next to me so I wispered in his ear "Is it okay if I take Louis up stairs I need to talk to him" he just nodded.

I went over to Louis who has been looking out the window for a hour. "Louis" he didn't look up or move. "can we talk?" I grabbed his arm and pulled him up stairs into his room.

"Lou are you okay?" I looked into his eyes as I watched new tears fall from his eyes.

"I'm sorry" is all he could say.

"It's okay " I went and sat next to him and put my arm around him.

"Kelly she's gone she's really gone"


"kristy she was killed by someone, but it's not just her I lost my child to. "

I just look at him in shock not knowing what to say. I just put my arm around him as he cried into my shoulder.


The next morning was a new day and I had hoped everything would work out fine.

Me and Louis had decide that Harry could move in with us because he basically stays over every night. He was going to move his stuff in tomorrow.

"So I heard you have a date tonigh" Louis said to me as we were sitting at the breakfast table, Harry gave me a sad look. "yea.." I said feeling a bit awkward.

"with who?" Harry butted in

"Liam..". And with that I got up and quickly put my dish away and went to get ready.

"I'm leaving now Kelly"I heard Harry yell getting angry. I gave Louis a hug "Play nicely" Louis wispered in my ear I just gave him a confused look as he pushed me out the door.

Our drive to school was very awkwardly silent we made small talk and that's all.

"so see you later" was all Harry said and walked off.

I was then greeted with hands rapped around me a save feeling run up my spine the same feeling I get when harry touches me.

I turn around to my surprise to see Liam standing there. "Hello babe still up for tonight?". "Of course" I smiled as we started walking towards class.

Before I knew it, it was almost the end of the day. I had art last a nice easy leason to finish the day. "heeey Kelly" I heard to voice say. I turn around to see Niall and Zayn standing there with smiles on the faces. "Hey Ziall" they just laugh. We all think they have this little bromance so we call them Ziall when they are together.

"Have i missed much in art?"

"No not really we just drawing fruit"

"Witch makes your really hungry" Niall added.

"Your always hungry Niall" Zayn added

"oh yea so I heard your going out wiht Liam tonight aye" Niall said giving me a wink

"Mmhmm.. yea.." Wow news does travell fast around here

We all walked into class Niall and Zayn toke their seats next to each other and I sat behind them.

"Hello I'm so sorry about the other day I'm Mark" I look up to see mark standing up pulling out his chair to sit next to me. "It's okay I'm kelly" I give him sweet smile and put out my hand for him to shake it. "Nice to meet you Kelly"

For some reason me and mark got on really well, we talked the whole time getting to know each other. He's from new York and has 3 sisters.

The bell went and I walked to the car park hoping I was getting a ride with Harry because I really didn't feel like walking. I hadn't seen or talk to Harry all day so I hoped he wouldn't mine. I found Harry's car but no Harry. I decide to call him. He picked up after 3 rings

"Hello Kelly"

"Heey Harry, can I please get a ride home with you?"

"Umm... I.. Kinda.. Gotta.. Do.. Something.." he struggled to get out, he was Hidding something I knew it.


I sigh and hang up. I started walking it was going to be a long walk home.I put my headphones in and decided to zone out for this long journey home.

As I finial reached home, I decide I'll check the mail as I hadnt since well mum died. I went though the mail to see bills and the paper the normal stuff but I stop as there was an envelope with my name written on it.

I opened it slow and the first words I saw was *die*

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