Laugh A Little, Smile A lot

It all starts when kellys best friend alice moves away and she ends up making new friends. they help her out when she needs it the most. family is the key to life you should hold them close but when she finds out she doesnt have any here life starts going down hill. will her firends still be there for her or will it just cause more drama when someone new comes along. A One direction fan fic (:


4. He's Back

Kelly's P.O.V

I didn't know how much more bad news I take. I holded back the tears and gave him a look for him to go on. "your mum has had an accident" I was so confused shes dead,  he carryed on. "she has past away and your dad is out side in the car waiting for you" It just froze it made sense now my dad told the school that she had hurt her self so that no one will wonder where she is and also it's way to make me go with him. I didn't want to move or go to the car I was scarred on what was going to happen. "I know your in shock but you have to go to the car now your dad really needs you right now at this hard time" he said pointing to the car park I just nodded and walk back into class to get my bag and tell the teacher. It was weird I already knew my mum was dead but hearing someone else saying it hurt me more knowing it was true I picked up my bag from the floor and started walking towards the teacher who was still talking.As Iwas walking up I felt a hand grab me I turned around quickly to see it was Niall, "are you okay" he asked with a worried look on his face I felt a small tear slowly fall my from eyes .I knew if I said anything I would end up bursting out crying so I just nodded and he let go of my hand and I carried on walking to the teacher."umm miss I have to go Mr Bainbrige.." but she just cut my off "I know and I'm sorry for your lost" I just try to give a thanking smile and walked out the class room. I toke slow steps really not wanting to go to the car. I go arould the corner to head towards my locker to get some stuff when I ran into someone "ouch". "ohh sorry" I said looking down. "KELLY" his voice I click who it was it was Harry I love hearing his voice it was so warm and calming. "Harry" I say melting into his arm just what I needed right now. I felt the tears fall again I tried holding them in but it was harder than you think. "hey hey what's wrong don't cry it hasn't been that long since I last saw you" he said trying to make me smile it worked of course. "my dads here to pick me up". He looked at me his green eyes making me mealt. "your not going to go are you?" now I could see worry in his eyes. "I don't have a choice the principal knows and my teachers... "what do they know?" "they know my mums dead but for a different reason". "ohh" is all Harry manage to say. " we'll I'm coming with you there is no way I'm leaving you to go by your self" "but what if he ask questions , what if he hurt you to" more tears feel from my eyes if Harry got hurt it would be all my fault and I would hate my self for that as he had done so much for me. "no buts I don't care I'm coming and that finial" I sighed I couldn't changed his mind and I felt safer if he comes to be honest. We walk to my locker and got my books and stuff then we headed out to the car hand in hand.

Harry's P.O.V

Kelly pointed out a green suv parked in the car park we walked over to it I was holding onto her hand to resure her it was going to be alright and that nothing was going to happen. A tall man step out of the car. "where the hell have you been and what's he doing here" he yelled at her. "hi I'm ha...." he cut me off "I don't care who you are get the hell away from her and leave us alone we have some business to take care off". I could see fear in Kelly's eyes as he started to walk closer to us. "well I'm Kellys boyfriend and I'm here for support" Kelly gave me a confused look, well I had to say something or he wouldn't let me come and I wanted to make sure she was going to be alright. "boyfriend aye, she doesn't need support shes got me" he was still very mad. "well it doesn't seem like it" wrong thing to say as he just got mader. "JUST GO AWAY AND FORGET ABOUT HER" he yelled pushing me away from her I lost my footing and feel to the ground hard. "not so tough now are you buddie" he spat in my face and laughed. "stop it leave him alone, he's nice unlike you " Kelly finial spoke I could tell she was very scarred. "Now you missy get in the car now and shut up I will deal with your boyfriend first then I will come back for you" I just got up and ran to her side. I hid her behind me to say you have to get though me first like they do in the films. "fine then I will deal with both of yous now then" he then pulled out an sledge hamer and all I remeber is seen him run towards me.

I opened my eyes was I dead or alive I wasn't sure then I felt the ground move I slow sat up to see I was in a car. His car then it all came flooding back to me we were in Kelly's dad car in the boot I think hang on wheres Kelly I started to freak out trying to feel around to see if she was here. My heart stopped as I then felt a body in front of me. I stated shaking her "Kelly Kelly wake up" but she just wouldn't I started panicking I didn't know what to do what happens if she's dead? What happens if I never get out of here in time and he kills me? I felt helpless all I could do was lay here and think.

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