Laugh A Little, Smile A lot

It all starts when kellys best friend alice moves away and she ends up making new friends. they help her out when she needs it the most. family is the key to life you should hold them close but when she finds out she doesnt have any here life starts going down hill. will her firends still be there for her or will it just cause more drama when someone new comes along. A One direction fan fic (:


6. Dead or Alive?

Harrys P.O.V

I woke up in a dark room, The windows were all boarded up and all was in the room was boxs. I let my eyes adjust to the light as I saw there was none else in the room. I saw a door on the far left of the room. I walked towards I turned the handle as quiet as I could to my surprise it wasn't locked Without thinking twice I ran out of the room but little did I know it was a trap. I ran down the dark scary hallway I should really stop watching scary movies. As I saw the front door I remembered her cute smile her dark green eyes kinda like mine. I couldnt leave without Kelly, if something bad happened to her I think I would die. I turned Around, to see her dad facing me with an evil look in his eyes. I just turned around and ran I didn't know where to, there's no way out I ran into the closes room hoping the window would be open Of corse it wasn't. I heard a croaking noise behind me I turned around to see something I wasn't prepared to see.

Kelly's P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes I wasn't sure what I would see. I looked around I then notice I was in a room it was very dark so I couldn't see anything. I went to sit up but a strong pain formed in my back. I felt like I couldn't move everything hurt. I felt my head the was a big lump. Then It came to me, I remember what happened.


"Oi you get away from her" I heard my dad yell at Harry I felt a tear fall my eyes. Harry still had his arms wrapped around me. I then looked to see my dad with a metal rod and hit Harry over the head with it.I felt him lose grip for my shoulder and fall backwards I screamed "DAD!!!!" he just laughed "your next hun" before I could reply I saw him lift up the rod again and before I knew it I fell.

*flashback ends*

How could he do something like this to me I thought he loved me. I started to cry again I felt the warmth tear fall down my check thinking about the good times. My thought was interrupted when I heard screaming I could only hear dads voice. Then the door opened and closed again I dont know if it's dad or someone else. I tried to say something but it just wouldn't come out it just sounded like I was a frog. "Kelly is that you" I knew that voice to well to know it was Harry."over here" I managed to say after a while. He came an sat next to me I felt his hand grab mine he was shaking " ohh Harry I'm so so s.." he cut me off "shhh it's okay I know I think he's coming" we sat there in silence listening to every noise we hear. "are you hurt" I said hoping he wasn't as I would feel so bad. " a little but I will be okay, are you?" "yea I can't move to much pain, we're stuck here forever or until he kills us" I sighed with worry. "It's okay babe I will get you out of here" I could tell he was trying to smile every though I cant see him I can hear it in his voice. I hear foots step I start to freak out. It's going to get us. I then see Harry jump up pick me up in his arms and carry me out of the room. His warm arms rapped around my body I couldnt feel anymore saver. I close my eyes not wanting to see what was going to happen next. I heard a bang then I felt my body fall to the floor I look up to see my dad standing there with a gun in his hand and Harry laying on the floor. The rest was a blur as I heard banging at the door I blacked out.

*beep beep* the noise rings though my ears. Am I dead or am I still at the house I don't know I felt my heart beat faster I must be alive. "clear" I heard a women say. I then see someone standing in front of me. My mother. I ran up to her and gave her a hug. "your been so strong hun" I smile those words have never meant so much to me. "I love you mummy" "I love you to hunny" I didn't want to let her go. "did you get my note" she said still hugging me. "yes yes I did". "I'm sorry I didnt tell you earlier" "it's okay I'm just glad to see you". " please just promise me something" "ANYTHING!!" "please call him". "I will I promise" a soft year falls down my check. " I love you" "I love you to mum". "I will always be around you". We're her last words before she faded.

I opened my eyes to see a women and man looking down at me I shut them fast with fear. "She awake and alive" I head the women say again with relief. "now Kelly listen to me you are okay your in an ambulance and we are taking you hospital stay with us" I try to reply but no sound was coming from my mouth tears just flowed down my checks. So many thought were going though my head. I toke a few big breaths then I mange to yell at the top of my lungs, "MUM WHERES MY MUM" The nurse just looked at me weirdly and didnt know what to do. "Where's my mum gone" she now looked confused then ever. "I'm sorry but she not here". "but she was, did she leave?" "umm.. No nones was here apart from your father and a young boy" Omg Harry I forgot about him. "HARRY!! Oh my gosh is he okay?". "can't say anything yet were not sure not looking good right now"I stoped and froze I didn't know what to say I felt so bad. The rest of the ride was in silence apart from the nurse asking if I was okay once or twice. I shut my eyes has we only had 5 mins till we get there. I was stable now so they didn't have to rush as much. I started to drift away thinking about how my mum was there I saw her but the nurse didn't, then my thoughts thought of harry and what I last remember, if Harry got shot then who called the ambulance and where's my dad gone. There were more questions popping up than answers.

I open my eyes to see I'm in hospital. I looked around the empty room only to see a nurse standing next to my bed with a clip board. "well its about time you woke up how are you feeling?" she asked with a smile." alright" I crocked out I felt sore everywhere. "The pain relief will be wearing out soon so you might started to feel sore". I sighed "I will go tell your doctor your awake and get some more pain killers for you" she said taking a step towards the door but before she left she looked back," one more thing your friend he's in surgery so I will keep you updated" "thanks" I smile as I watch her leave

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