Laugh A Little, Smile A lot

It all starts when kellys best friend alice moves away and she ends up making new friends. they help her out when she needs it the most. family is the key to life you should hold them close but when she finds out she doesnt have any here life starts going down hill. will her firends still be there for her or will it just cause more drama when someone new comes along. A One direction fan fic (:


7. Brother to save the day

Kelly's P.O.V

It was now 8:45 pm and I just finished dinner hadn't heard about Harry so I hoped he was alright. I just laid there steering at the roof. I then remembered my promise to my mum that I would call him I didn't think it was so late, so I got out the note that had Louis number on it and the next nurse that went past I asked her for a phone. I held the phone in my hand not sure if I really should call or not. It was now 9:15 It might be to late, I sigh and thought I would try and if he didn't answer I will try another time right now I could really use someone's support right now. I dialed his number there was three rings then someone picked up.


"umm.. Hello I don't know if this is a bad time or not but is this Louis?"

"yes who is this"

"i don't know if you remember me but it's Kelly"

"OMG heeeey Kelly Of cause I remember my only real sister I miss you I take it your mum finial told you?"

"yea but not in a way I hoped she would..."

"What do you mean"

"She wrote it in a note.. It's a long complicated story"

"Ohh.. Well just wondering not that I don't love how you finial called me by why are you calling me"

"Well.. Somethings have not worked out very well and I have no family left apart for you ,Ill explain the story more later, but I made a promise to my mum that I would call you... And I need to ask a favour"

"Ohh I see, sure ask away what can I help you with?"

"would there be any chance you would be able to come fly to London I'm in hospital and I need some family support..."

"sure thing ive always wanted to catch up I will book a flight now for tomorrow"

"Thanks so much"

"It's fine family will always be here for family I've got your cellphone number your mum gave it to me just in case something like this happened so I will text you tomorrow"

"Okay sweet"

"Ohh one more thing thanks for call Kelly it really does mean a lot to me"

And with that we hanged up. I smiled that went better than I planed I never really remember my childhood the last memory I have would be my second year at school. I would love it if he could answer a few of my questions. I closed my eyes and slowly went to sleep.



I woke up the next morning kind of happy, I couldn't wait to see my long lost brother.

A nurse came into the room and told me that I was going home. "That's great" "But u have to promise that you will keep that leg up and rest." "I promise" I seem to be making a lot of promises these days.  I looked up to her and smiled."Ohh and your friend Harry is out of surgery"I felt my heart start beating faster, I almost jumped out of bed, "what room is he in?". "level 4 room 107". I started hopping over to the evaluator ignoring the pain. I press the button and wait for it to start moving up.

"Kelly" I turned around to see Ella standing there. "Hey Ella I'm so sorry about Harry it's all my fault". "No it's not don't blame your self" " but it is" I small tear slowly fell from eyes as I thought of what I had done. "Don't cry Harry will be okay it's not your fault and I will never blame you for it" she said smilling and gave me a little hug.

The elevator doors open and we walked out together all the ways to Harry's room.

I stoped outside it I wasn't sure if I should go in. "Are you okay Kelly" The young girl asked me. "Yea but what happens if he doesnt want to see me he could hate me" more tears streamed down my face. "He will want to see you it's clear that he cares about you, I've seen my brother with many girls before but he has never looked at them the way he looks at you" she grabbed my hand and led my inside.

My heart sunk as I saw him there,laying lifeless there was about 3 machines coming out of him. He was asleep I didn't want to wake him so I sat on a chair and just looked out the window asking my self what have a done.

After 10 mins I felt my phone ring. I completely forgot it was in my pocket, I answered it quickly so I don't wake Harry up. Not even looking at the caller 1D


"Hello Kelly its Louis"

"hi Louis"

"Just thought you might want to know I getting on my flight now I could be about 3 hours"

"Okay thanks so much"

"Anytime babe"

I smiled to my self I couldnt wait to see him. I look over to Harry who was awake now and Ella was nexts to him.

I slowly walked to his bed not sure if I should say anything. They hadn't notice I was standing there as they were in a deep conversation, so I went and sat down I didn't fell right interrupting there brother and sister time.

After about 5 minutes I saw Harry look over to me. "KELLY!! Are you okay?" "Harry am I okay don't you mean are you okay your that's laying in bed right now with machines connected to you and your worried about me" Harry just laughed. "I will leave you guys to talk alone, I'm just going to get some food"Ella said and walked over and gave Harry a kiss on his forehead.

"I'm so so sorry Harry" I manged to say. "It's not your fault Kelly its fine". "It's not fine look at you" I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. "come here" he said opening his arms out. We layed there on his bed and he cuddled me in sclience you could only hear me sniffle a few times. Harry broke the silence first. "did you call Louis?" "yes he's coming in about...."I Uchecked my watch to see it was 12:30 already "about half an hour" he smiled "that's great I would love to meet him" he said as we looked into each others eyes. His deep green eyes I always got lost in the ones that made me feel different and calm. "I think I should head back to my room, I will come visit you later" I said gave him a kiss on the check and walked out.

As I got to my room there was 3 policemen sitting there waiting for me. "Kelly?" they asked. "yes" I sat on the bed and put my leg up as it was really hurting now.

"we have to ask you a few questions, we came yesturday but you were asleep and the nurse told us to go away". "okay""well to start of with just to confirm some things, that was your dad that was trying to hurt you and your friend?" "yes" "and your mothers dead" "yes but only because he killed her I saw it." tears fell once more I just couldn't control them today. "okay and kidnaped you and your friend?" "yes" "okay one more than do you have a younger brother" "yes is he okay?" "Sorry we don't know we are searching for him now".

Just at that moment Louis walked in "Have no fear louis is here to save the da..." he stoped as he looked at me with tears down my checks and looked at the police. "Sorry I didn't mean to barge in" he said looking down this only made me laugh. "It's okay Louis" I said as he came over to me giving me a hug, I dont know how I knew it was him it was just like a feeling inside me that made me think he's my brother. "your more beauiful than I remember"he said giving me a wink as he pulled a chair out and sat down next to me. "so what's going on" he asked looking at me I didnt really want to tell him everything right now , its probably best to have a catch up later. "so who is he"the police officer asked. "my.." but Louis cut me off. " I'm her older brother" he said with a proud smile on his face. "Okay" The police officer said with confusion. "well anyway I think this is enough questions for today do u have any family you could stay with since your under 18?" the other police officer asked. I just looked at Louis not knowing what to say. "she can stay with me I'm older than 18" I gave Louis a thankful look. "Okay good and before we go there's just one more thing I want you to know,". "What.." I said thinking of the worse things. " your father hes still out there we couldnt catch him". I just froze.

"but we have some officers looking for him now we will let you know if we find him and call us if you need to". "Thanks officers" Louis said as he shook there hand and got there number. I was still in shock.

"Hey Kelly's it's okay, I will make sure he can get you". I just sit there steering at nothing I thought I would be safe now and all of this would be over but I was wrong. "I'm just going to get some food okay? I haven't eaten since this morning" I just nodded as I watch him leave.

He came back after 15 minutes "Sorry I was talking to your nurse she very hot you know" he said giving me a wink as he came and sat next to me on my bed and handed me some salad. "Thanks" I smile to him as he puts his arm around me. "so what's going on aye" I just looked at him it felt like we have always been close brother and sister. I sigh and started to explain everything even the bits about Harry.

"Aww you poor thing don't worry I promise I will be here for you from now on" "Thanks Louis" I smiled knowing that I was so lucky to have a brother like him. "Can I ask you some questions now about our parrents?" "sure". "well how did they die and how did we get split up I'm so confused". "let me explain everything. Well we were all of on a family trip to the zoo I was about 7and you were 6 almost 7 as it happened a day before your birthday, we were driving a long a bridge then it started to rain really heavily and I remember seen a truck come straight for us I think it lost control and our car went flying in went over the bridge and landed in the water. I remember been the only one awake I Remember I looked at mum and dad as I saw the car slowly full with water they had there eyes shut so I shock them and they still didn't move I thought they were dead." I looked at him and he had tears rolling down his check I lent my head on his chest and he kept going. " and then I looked over to you and decide you would be easier to grab and you looked more alive so I got you out of your car seat and put you on my back and got out of the car and swam to shore I really feel bad that I left them there they could be alive now if I garbed them but I didn't I'm sorry" "It's alright Lou you saved my life thankyou, but one more question how come I can't remember anything?". "Well after I found someone to call 911 we got rushed to hospital they found out you knocked you head hard on something that made you lose all your memory" "ohh" "yea and that's when we got put into homes and you would never remember me unless someone told you witch I'm glad your mum did." "same here" he smiled at me. "well how bout we do something cool like I really want to meet this Harry dude who saved your life I want to thank him."I smiled "he's upstairs". "well what you waiting for let's go"he started pulling my arm. "kk hang on"


We made it Harry's room after a slow limp walk. He was sittingon his bed on his iPod. He smiled and he saw me walk thought the Door. "Heey haz i got someone to meet you" "you must be Harry thankyou so much for saving Kelly's life" Louis said going over to him. Harry puts his hand out for him to shake it but Louis gave him a big hug instead I just laughed it was the most funniest thing to watch.

Both of them were just talking to each other forgetting I was there they were talking about something random,It was so nice seen them getting along. I went and sat at the chair I was sat at this morning. Then my phone rang.


"hello Kelly you may have got away this time but you wont be so lucky next time so watch out because I will find you"

I screamed and threw my phone on the floor I looked up to see Harry and Louis looking at me worried. "who was that" they both asked in unison. I just collapsed to the grounded and cryed.


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